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Mark Hunt delivers profane criticism to UFC, Dana White over UFC 232 move

Mark Hunt
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Mark Hunt has never been afraid to speak out against his employers and you can bet he’s willing to go to bat for his fellow fighters as well.

This week, the UFC decided to move it’s year-end UFC 232 event from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas to The Forum in Inglewood, Calif., after the Nevada State Athletic Commission refused to grant a temporary license to light heavyweight title challenger Jon Jones due to a drug-testing abnormality that the United States Anti-Doping Agency concluded was from a residual amount of a banned substance for which Jones was previously sanctioned. Jones received a one-year suspension for a drug test failure in 2016 and a 15-month suspension for a second drug test failure in 2017. He is expected to appear before the NSAC in January to further discuss his licensing.

The California State Athletic Commission tested Jones over the weekend and CSAC executive officer Andy Foster told MMA Fighting that Jones is “a clean athlete”, which put the wheels in motion for the venue change.

All of that information isn’t particularly convincing to the “Super Samoan”, who took to Instagram on Monday to rip the UFC and company president Dana White for their decision that affected not just headliners Jones and Alexander Gustafsson, but the rest of the fighters on the card as well as countless fans.

See the full statement below (edited for clarity):

UFC, Ultimate F*ckin’ Cheaters. Why don’t you just cut Jones, pay Gustafsson, and leave the show in Vegas. All the fans and families who have already paid don’t miss out. Oh, you only care about the pay-per-view. Merry Christmas to everyone who has already paid to go there.

I hope no one buys your PPV motherf*ckers. The least you could do is pay for everyone’s flights to California and accommodation. Tickets, food, and everything else you have screwed those there from.

Oh, and you can stick my crooked finger in your bum hole for Christmas you poxy little bitch Dana White.

This is the latest in a long line of public criticisms that Hunt has had for the UFC. He has spoken earnestly about officials removing him from a main event last year over potential health issues, UFC 200 opponent Brock Lesnar potentially getting a heavyweight title shot, and his concerns about his MMA career in general. Hunt is currently involved in a lawsuit against the UFC, White, and Lesnar related to the circumstances surrounding UFC 200.

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