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Gunnar Nelson considering following Demetrious Johnson into online gaming market

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Gunnar Nelson is known for his stoic demeanor and submission savvy, but those close to him know that he is also an avid gamer.

On a recent trip to Mjolnir for training, SBG welterweight, Peter Queally, cited Nelson’s love for video game shoot ’em up Call of Dutyin an Instagram post.

In a recent interview with Eurobash, Nelson spoke of his love for the franchise and other video games.

“I love Call of Duty,” Nelson told Peter Carroll. “I’m playing the new one now, I was actually playing it a bit earlier. I start playing Infinite Warfare, then Black Ops3 a little bit, but it was IW I played mostly. I didn’t like the WW2 one, I’m more of a glance/movement kind of guy. This one is a little bit quicker so I do like. I play a bit of Fortnite too.”

Fighters like Demetrious Johnson have gained a lot of sponsorship through their online gaming streams. Nelson thinks he will follow “Mighty Mouse” down that avenue, much like UFC bantamweight, Sean O’Malley, has.

“I think I will,” Nelson replied when asked if we would be interested in starting to stream his gaming sessions. “I think I eventually will, my friends keep telling to start streaming and stuff. So, I probably will. I need to get a proper set up and all that kind of stuff, but I think I will.”

Check out the latest episode of Eurobash. The Gunnar Nelson interview begins at 12:30.

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