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Chuck Liddell releases video statement in aftermath of Tito Ortiz loss: ‘I have no regrets’

Chuck Liddell has broken his silence following his knockout loss to Tito Ortiz.

“The Iceman” released a video statement Friday addressing his first-round knockout loss to Ortiz, which headlined Golden Boy Promotion’s debut MMA event on Nov. 24 at The Forum in Inglewood, California. In the video statement, Liddell thanked his loved ones and fans, congratulated Ortiz on his victory, and defended his longtime rival and fellow UFC Hall of Famer from the criticism Ortiz’s win and ensuing celebration received.

Liddell’s video statement can be watched above.

A complete transcript of his words can be read below.

“To all my close friends, family, and fans out there, I want to thank you for all your tremendous love and support. I don’t know where I’d be without you guys. Now I want to give you an important message. These past few months for me were a lot more than a fight against Tito. It’s really been about my own personal journey and challenge. Martial arts has been my life for 36 years. I felt lost without it. It’s always kept my centered and helped me find my focus. I wish the outcome of the fight was different. I never wanted to disappoint anyone or let anyone down, but this fight was more about pushing my limitations and getting me back to a place to find my purpose — and for that, I have no regrets.

“For anyone else out there who’s struggling with self-doubt, or a physical or mental or emotional challenge, I encourage you to face your challenges. Chase your dreams and risk everything to achieve your goals. Even if no one else understands, know that everyone’s path is different and you cannot achieve success without failure. To me, MMA is more than these wars in the cage. It’s about showing our fans how to live life like a true fighter and champion inside and outside of the cage. After all has been said and done, my calling is much bigger than this, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you soon.

“Now it was brought to my attention recently by a friend that some harsh things have been said about Tito regarding this fight and his celebration. Guys, he won. Let’s all congratulate Tito for his victory and hard work. In today’s world with so much hate, it’s important to show love and positivity. Tito, I wish you the best in your life and career. Congratulations on your victory. I love you guys, and thank you for your support.”

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