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Video: Muay Thai fighter Gou Dakui knocks out his opponent - and referee

Gou Dakui (in blue) accidentally kicks the referee during his fight against Super X Sitsontidech (in red)

The broadcast team predicted a knockout victory for Chinese standout Gou Dakui on Saturday’s Max Muay Thai card, and boy did he deliver.

During his scrap, the hometown fighter put on a show for his countrymen as he battered his opponent, Thailand’s Super x Sitsontidech, en route to a violent second-round TKO victory.

However, during the finishing sequence against the ropes, Gou inadvertently crushed the referee’s face with a head kick, sending him crashing the canvas.

Gou initially battled through a series of push kicks from Super X in the opening round before finding success with his right hook. After being momentarily dropped with a high kick, the 25-year-old sprung to his feet and unload with a jumping body kick to Super X against the ropes. Closing out the round with another looping right hook the jaw, Gou had the crowd on their feet heading into the second frame.

Kicking off the second round, both men looked to come out aggressive. However, Super X had no answer for the power in Gou’s hands. Sensing blood, Gou stunned Super X with right hook before landing the accidental head kick to the referee’s face.

After some initial confusion, a different ringside referee waved off the fight after determining Super X, who had slumped to his knees, could not continue.

This victory pushed Gou’s record to 21-9. In his two previous under the Max Muay Thai banner, he scored a second0round knockout victory before coming up short on the judge’s scorecards in his follow up fight.

Super X, on the other hand, drops to 60-32-2 overall. The 24-year-old was also knocked out in his four previous fights before stepping into the ring against Gou.

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