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Morning Report: Paul Heyman says nothing is standing in the way of Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Cormier

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Paul Heyman (MMA Fighting)

Daniel Cormier only has one fight left in him before he retires next year, and who that fight will be against has been one of the biggest questions in MMA these last few months. After winning the heavyweight title at UFC 226, Cormier got in a post-fight shoving match with former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar, setting up a heavyweight title fight early next year when Lesnar becomes eligible to compete again. But then Jon Jones cut a deal to end his USADA suspension and suddenly his name was thrown in the hat too. When all the dust settled, it was assumed that Lesnar would be Cormier’s final opponent, but with “The Beast Incarnate” signing a lucrative new deal with the WWE recently, that fight appears to be in jeopardy.

Or, so it appeared. Lesnar’s WWE manager Paul Heyman recently addressed the issue, telling TMZ Sports that despite Lesnar’s new contract, he still has the opportunity to compete in MMA and will do so, as long as the money is right.

“As long as Daniel Cormier has the balls to step into the Octagon and put his title up against Brock Lesnar, and UFC comes up with the money for Brock Lesnar, I don’t see anything that would keep Brock Lesnar from taking the fight,” Heyman said.

While Heyman may not have an official capacity with regard to Lesnar (his role as “advocate” in the WWE is a staged persona, not an actual managerial position) the two have been friends for decades. Furthermore, Lesnar’s new contract with the WWE does allow for him to take a fight in the UFC. The question then becomes whether the UFC is willing to let a reigning WWE champion have a shot to win their legitimate heavyweight title and muddy the waters between the two organizations. If not, at least the UFC has a backup plan in place.


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KO of the Week.

Oh good. This is where we are at now.

Dan Hardy teaching MMA to British singer-songwriter Olly Murs.

From everything I’ve heard, this is excellent and it’s by two incredibly talented folks. Can’t wait.

With Chuck-Tito III coming up, here are the best old man moments in MMA.


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Never ceases to amaze me when fighters who get slept post a picture of them punching the guy who slept them.

Also, DC is a savage.

This is cool of Stipe though.

What do y’all think? I got Conor.



This is awesome.

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A story in three Tweets.

Jarred Brooks has finally Tweeted through it all.


Kevin Aguilar (15-1) vs. Rick Glenn (21-5-1); The Ultimate Fighter 28 Finale, Nov. 30.


1999: History was made when Kazushi Sakuraba submitted Royler Gracie with a kimura at Pride 8. It was the first time a Gracie family member had lost in professional MMA.

2003: Matt Hughes submitted Frank Trigg with a rear-naked choke to retain his welterweight title at UFC 45. This event also marked the formation of the UFC Hall of Fame, with Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock being inducted as the inaugural members.

2008: Renato Sobral stopped Bobby Southworth to win the Strikeforce Light Heavyweight title.

2009: Forrest Griffin won a split decision over Tito Ortiz in their rematch at UFC 106.


Hey y’all. Due to the impending holiday (stateside anyway) this will be the last Morning Report this week. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programing on Monday. Thanks for reading and enjoy the holiday!



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