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Devin Powell fought at UFC Argentina with hematoma inside eyeball

Devin Powell shares a picture of his eyes after his recent fight at UFC Argentina
@devinpowell_nostosmma, Instagram

No stranger to scary injuries, Devin Powell found himself having to battle through one this past weekend.

The UFC lightweight took to Instagram on Tuesday to share his harrowing tale of being blind in one eye for part of his bout in Buenos Aires this past Saturday against Jesus Pinedo at UFC Argentina. According to Powell, a hematoma inside his right eye caused it to fill with blood in the second round, and he couldn’t see out of it from that point forward.

Powell, who would go on to lose a unanimous decision to Pinedo, also shared a shot of his swollen foot, though he downplayed the severity of his fight night damage, writing that there were “no detached retinas” and that his foot was not broken.

See Powell’s full statement below:

So that the was scariest injury I’ve had in a fight. In the middle of the second round I suffered a hematoma inside my eyeball. My whole right eye filled with blood (as you can see in the photo) making me completely blind in that eye all the way up until I left the hospital that night. No detached retinas, I am always doing a bit better and my foot isn’t broken even though it looks like a giant balloon. I am very frustrated with the outcome, we game planned for someone who comes straight forward very aggressively but I chased him for 15 minutes except for when I was on my back and he wouldn’t engage on the ground. All we can do is get better and find solutions for these stalling points. UFC, eager for the next one. Let’s go.

Earlier this year, Powell made headlines describing a ruptured testicle that he suffered in training.

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