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Amateur Jack Culshaw suspects he injured both legs in celebration gone wrong

U.K. amateur Jack Culshaw has shot to viral fame on the back of a 30-second clip that shows him scoring a knockout win before subsequently injuring himself in celebration.

Stoppage then dislocates knee climbing the cage!!

✅ Win fight ✅ Climb Cage ❌ Dislocate knee Jack Culshaw's night at Almighty Fighting Championship 10. Main card live: #MMA

Posted by Proper Sport on Saturday, November 17, 2018 first picked up the video of the U.K. amateur buckling on impact with the canvas after scaling to the top of the fence following a KO win over Zak Edwards at Almighty Fighting Championships 10 this past weekend in York, England.

Although the injured party has yet to discover the full extent of his injuries, doctors suspect he has injured both of his legs.

“I find out in the morning,” Culshaw told MMA Fighting. “I went and had an X-ray and there are no bones broken, but do you know the patella, the knee cap? That’s been twisted around and they think my ACL is blown. We’ll have to wait and see, but they have to look at my other leg too, the left leg, they said that knee could go as well. So when they’re done with the rehab on my right leg, they’re going to have to do my left leg as well.”

The doctors suspect that Culshaw’s knees have been weakened over the years from running and lifting weights. The impact of his landing after scaling the fence was the straw that broke the camel’s back for the young man’s knees.

“It popped straight out just then. I thought, ‘I’m not going down now’, so I did a roll and I got back up. I put my foot back down again and [my knee] went out again. It went out four times that night,” he recalled of his right knee.

Culshaw was booked for another amateur fight next weekend but the injury has definitely ruled him out of competition.

Although the 21-year-old’s coach at Ludus Magnus, Neil Wain, cut an anguished figure in Culshaw’s corner after he suffered the injury, the young fighter revealed that his words weren’t too harsh.

“He said, ‘I could either slap you or kiss you’…and that sums me up perfectly,” Culshaw said.

The Doncaster amateur is taking his new found fame in his stride, hoping it will open more doors for him and his fighting future.

“I’m loving it, to be fair. It’s getting my knockout about, so more people will know my name, more people will get me on their shows and then more people might sponsor me. It’s getting my name bigger and bigger, so any publicity is good publicity in my eyes.”

Culshaw hopes to be back in action before the end of the next year.

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