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Missed Fists: Won Sik Park makes Combate debut with brutal knockout, more

Wong Sik Park lands a flying knee on Jose Medrano at Combate 26 in Monterrey, Mexico on Nov. 17, 2018
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Welcome to the latest edition of Missed Fists where Jed Meshew and Alexander K. Lee shine a light on fights from across the globe that may have been overlooked in these hectic times where it seems like there’s an MMA show every other day.

The 2018 MMA season is closing out with a bang and this week we’re focusing on some of the “mid-majors” of the sport, as well as picking out a couple of nasty finishes from the outer edges as usual. First, a trip to Monterrey, Mexico for the latest offering from would-be world beating promotion, Combate Americas.

Won Sik Park vs. Jose Medrano
Alan Cantu vs. Eduardo Alvarado

AL: Won Sik Park, a native of Uslan, South Korea currently putting in work at Alliance MMA in San Diego, finally booked his first fight on North American soil, where he took on Jose Medrano on the preliminary portion of Saturday’s Combate 26 show (viewable for free on Facebook). Whatever sacrifices Park made to pursue his dream were worth it as he picked up an absolutely disgusting knockout.

JM: Campbell McLaren clearly knew what he was doing with this signing as WSP scored one of the best KOs of the weekend. Call me an old softee but my heart always sings when people jumping knee other people in the face.

AL: Medrano goes into full survival mode after taking that shot, which unfortunately only leads to him taking more punishment and Park having to absolutely brutalize him to get the finish.

While I can’t begrudge the referee for not stopping that one earlier, I feel like our next clip could have used quicker intervention as Alan Cantu managed to get in some scary-looking punches on a fallen Eduardo Alvardo after landing a left hook right on the button.

JM: I don’t think this one was that bad. The referee couldn’t really have stopped that first shot and he was already intervening by the second one. Personally, I’m more focused on the impressive accuracy from Cantu. How often do we see fighters completely whiff on the follow up strikes? Not Cantu. He hammered the coffin nails in with authority.

Both of those finishes can be seen on Facebook and a replay of the main card is available via a subscription to DAZN.

Jake Pilla vs. Kenny Lewis

AL: Let’s scale back our scope a little further and take a stop in Manchester, N.H. to see what’s going on with Calvin Kattar’s Combat Zone promotion.

If we could have found a better quality clip, this likely would have led off the show (hat tip to @mma_kings and @jdoster_3 for this one). Here’s Jake Pilla making his pro debut at Combat Zone 68 with a handstand kick finish of Kenny Lewis:

Can we get a breakdown of this breakdance fighting technique?

JM: It’s not breakdancing it’s capoeira, you uncultured swine. Which is basically dance fighting but whatever.

Every once in awhile you’ll see Anthony Pettis or someone try something like this, but this may be the first time I’ve ever seen this kick work so effectively. It’s not everyday you see a fighter get straight up jawed from a handstand kick. I think it’s safe to say we can expect great things from Pilla. Terrible, yes, but great.

Adam Soldaev vs. Slawomir Szczepanski

JM: Speaking of terrible brilliance, let us all pour one out for the tragic, devastated remains of Slawomir Szczepanski’s liver.

Adam Soldaev just a rude person for doing this to another human being. I can’t wait for KSW to sign him so we can have some wild promos before he goes and shoves his foot through people’s midsections.

AL: I choose to believe that Szczepanski’s liver knew the risks. Szczepanski seems fairly tough, so I feel like Soldaev put some extra stank on that punt to the torso just to make sure that he stayed down. That was one of those kicks that at first glance might look innocuous, but upon replay you can see it landed in just the right spot.

If readers want to get a closer look at Soldaev’s handiwork, which took place at Dragon Fight Night 4 in Legionowo, Poland on Saturday, hit up their Facebook for a full replay.

Moises Murrietta vs. Sidiah Parker
Kailan Hill vs. Andre Walker

AL: Rounding back to the more well known promotions, pick up a couple of devastating KOs from the always exciting Legacy Fighting Alliance.

Friday’s LFA 54 co-main event in Costa Mesa, Calif. saw Moises Murrietta improve to 8-1 with a anesthetizing knockout that just destroyed Sidiah Parker’s face:

JM: I love knockouts like this. Parker’s body is full of hope and inertia and then suddenly it’s just useless and slumps down upon itself like he got unplugged from the Matrix. The visceral experience is so good I won’t even bring up the fact that Parker probably should have never been given this fight in the first place. Murrietta is good, works with reputable camps, and has been making the rounds with a lot of the bigger promotions. Might be time for him to get another serious look.

AL: Parker was actually doing okay before getting caught in the second round, showing excellent movement to avoid those power shots. Then the finish happened: One second Parker was bobbing and weaving, the next, there was so much blood.

In the evening’s first bout, Kailan Hill didn’t need nearly as much time to produce yet another ridiculous finish. The middleweight prospect won his third fight of the year, with 78 and 91 second KOs in his past two outings (he’s previously been featured in Missed Fists for his work).

But he topped himself this time, stopping Andre Walker in 11 seconds with a spinning backfist.

JM: In less than 12 months, Hill has scored three highlight reel KOs, in three entirely different ways! One Superman punch or one spinning backfist KO should get you noticed. Three absurd KOs should get you signed. Just look at all the destruction this man has left behind him in his short career.

AL: Don’t look now, but Hill might have the Missed Fists Fighter of the Year award locked up.

Julia Avila vs. Alexa Conners

AL: In Shawnee, Okla., a new women’s bantamweight contender emerged at Invicta FC 32 as Julia Avila put on one of the weekend’s most savage performances. Alexa Conners is no joke, but she couldn’t handle the berserker style of the “Raging Panda”.

Peep the front kick to the chin that helped seal the deal on Saturday:

JM: Avila is no joke. She’s 6-1 in her career but that loss came by way of injury. Furthermore, she beat up Marion Renau and Nicco Montano in her first and third pro fights respectively. Conners is legitimately good and Avila ran through her like tissue paper.

AL: Fans can check out Avila’s statement win on UFC Fight Pass and also keep an eye out for a fun three-round brawl between flyweights Stephanie Geltmacher and Liz Tracy.

Zebaztian Kadestam vs. Tyler McGuire
Nieky Holzken vs. Cosmo Alexandre
Brown Pinas vs. Yohann Fairtex Drai

AL: And just in case anyone is still missing out on ONE Championship (get the app, folks), here are three of the best finishes from Saturday’s card in Jakarta, Indonesia.

In the main event, Zebaztian Kadestam did one of my favorite things in not settling for a decision that was likely going his way, going all out for a knockout punch on Tyler McGuire in the closing moments of round five.

This fight was to determine the promotion’s new welterweight champion in the wake of Ben Askren’s departure, so kudos to Kadestam for getting his reign off on the right foot.

JM: That is one of the wildest hooks you’ll ever see in your life. Remember when Todd Duffy threw an absurd right hook against Frank Mir, whiffed, and then got bolted? This was like if that hook if it had landed. Literally both of Kadestam’s hands are by his waist and he shoots straight from the hip. Much props for to him for getting the job done but if he keeps doing that, he might end up on the other side of Missed Fists before too long.

Speaking of guys on the wrong end of Missed Fists, Cosmo Alexandre — may he rest in peace — now is among those ignominious persons because Nieky Holzken put hands on him in a most violent and untoward manner.

AL: ONE officials made the wise decision to put this kickboxing bout in the co-main event spot and after seeing Holzken annihilate Alexandre, you can see why. The Dutchman had no mercy for his fellow veteran, just walking him down and landing an uppercut that would fell most heavyweights. It’s right up there with the cleanest KOs of the weekend, along with this dizzying offering from Brown Pinas:

JM: *Don’t make a joke, don’t make a joke, don’t make a joke.*

Yes. Brown Pinas really stole the show this weekend. It’s a crying shame that Yair Rodriguez gave us the KO of a lifetime earlier this month because Pinas’s spinning elbow would have had “best elbow KO in November” all sewn up.

But you can decide for yourself where Pinas’s finish ranks among the best of the year by checking out the Warrior’s Dream show for yourself on the ONE app or the promotion’s YouTube channel.

Now, to prevent me from being super childish about a certain fighter’s name and potentially getting fired, let’s move on to our final clip this weekend: Tenshin Nasukawa showing the world exactly why Floyd Mayweather Jr. was so shook that he backed out of a fight with the kid.

AL: I know that if anything even happens between Mayweather and Tenshin that it will be an exhibition. And it will be boxing. And Mayweather is certainly more accomplished than Taiki Naito here.

But just the possibility that Tenshin could bring his unique brand of aggression and creativity to a combat sports contest with Mayweather has me intrigued. I’m sure there are a lot of fans who would love to see Mr. 50-0 dropped to his knees like that as well.

JM: Don’t sleep on Khabib Nurmagomedov’s boxing. That’s the real threat to Mayweather. Just ask Conor.


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    Moises Murrietta’s bloody knockout
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