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Champion Nathan Greyson ruled out of Cage Warriors 99 over ‘weight’ issues

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Dolly Clew, Cage Warriors

Cage Warriors flyweight champion Nathan Greyson’s first title defense against Blaine O’Driscoll has been pulled from Cage Warriors 99, which takes place this Saturday in Colchester, England.

Cage Warriors president Grahan Boylan revealed the news via Twitter on Wednesday. According to Boylan, the Team Titan fighter stated that he would not be able to make the flyweight limit just two days before the official weigh-in.

The announcement came on the back of comments Greyson made to MMA Fighting’s Eurobash podcast regarding the lack of incentive to make the flyweight limit following the news of UFC’s impending flyweight purge.

“UFC cutting fighters from the flyweight division definitely crushed mine and a lot of [fighters’] dreams,” Greyson said.

“As I’ve said before, I’m a multiple titleholder from flyweight to featherweight, so if UFC is there for me as a bantamweight or a featherweight I’m good to go—I’m from the streets and I’m down to scrap any day.

“I’m a prizefighter now, so the incentive really isn’t there for the weight cut for this fight. It’s gone a bit weird, the incentive, because the UFC’s flyweight division doesn’t seem like it’s going to be there anymore. It’s a bit f*cked up.”

“Dread” also revealed that his father tried to talk him out of fighting at Cage Warriors 99 when he heard about the UFC’s flyweight situation.

“I hope nobody takes this the wrong way, but it’s not like I’m getting paid at Cage Warriors. There’s no real incentive to make that [flyweight] limit. I need incentive, seriously. When I told my dad about [the UFC cutting flyweights], I was nearly in tears,” said Greyson.

“I’m not going to lie, it’s a bit sticky. My Dad told me, ‘Don’t fight, because the money Cage Warriors are paying you ain’t enough’. It’s the weight cutting; everyone knows that weight cutting is very dangerous.”

Check out the latest episode of Eurobash. The Nathan Greyson interview begins at 49:00.

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