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Tom Duquesnoy is preparing for UFC 232 at Team Alpha Male

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Tom Duquesnoy faces Nathaniel Wood at UFC 232.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Tom Duquesnoy says he has been welcomed with open arms to a gym synonymous with the UFC’s lighter weight classes: Urijah Faber’s Team Alpha Male.

Duquesnoy is an avid traveler and has spent time in different gyms all over the world. Famously, on his ascent on the European scene, he trained under the JacksonWink banner.

In an appearance on the latest episode of the Eurobash podcast, Duquesnoy revealed that he will prepare for his upcoming UFC 232 bout against Nathaniel Wood in the Sacramento facility.

“For this fight, I will exclusively be doing it in Sacramento with Team Alpha Male, Faber’s team. They have welcomed me very well. I’m going to stay here for the whole camp, but usually I like to go everywhere,” Duquesnoy told MMA Fighting’s Peter Carroll. “I used to train in France, Thailand, Brazil, and the U.S. a lot in Albuquerque, obviously. I was in Vegas for a few months and now I’m preparing this camp in Sacramento.”

Given the camp’s reputation and expertise in the lighter weight divisions, “Fire Kid” sees Team Alpha Male as the perfect location for his training.

“[They have fighters in] the top 10, the top 20. They have about 10 UFC fighters. They have a lot of bantamweights and a lot of guys in the smaller weight categories,” said Duquesnoy.

“It’s perfect for me because it allows me to stay at the top. They are all young and hungry. There are a lot of guys that are experienced, like Chad Mendes, and obviously Urijah is leading the training, so I have a chance to learn from someone that was at the highest level.”

Although he has doesn’t like the idea of tying himself exclusively to one gym, Duquesnoy isn’t ruling out returning to Alpha Male in the future, like he did with JacksonWink in the past.

“I choose this MMA life because it allows me to learn different languages and to go exploring different cultures. Moving from place to place, as a traveler, I love that lifestyle so I’m going to continue doing it,” he explained.

“At the same time, I’ve done maybe five camps in Albuquerque. If I like it somewhere, I’m still moving, but for the last two or three months before the fight, I stay at the same place because I love it. That was the case for Albuquerque, maybe it will be the case for Sacramento.”

Check out the latest episode of Eurobash. MMA Fighting’s Peter Carroll and Irish journalist Niall McGrath break down all the latest developments in European MMA. The Tom Duquesnoy interview begins at 44:45.

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