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Morning Report: Colby Covington says Ben Askren couldn’t draw ‘15 people into an Asian bingo hall’

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Earlier this week, it was announced that UFC and ONC Championship were in the process of negotiating a landmark deal: the first trade in major MMA history. The UFC would release former UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson, and in turn, ONE would release former welterweight champion Ben Askren. Of course, the moment this was announced, Askren started talking trash to practically everyone in the UFC, including another standout wrestler who made a name for himself off the back of his brash persona: Colby Covington.

But while there seems to be no shortage of dance partners willing to welcome the 34-year-old Askren to the UFC, don’t count Covington among them. Speaking recently with FloCombat, the former UFC interim welterweight champion shot down Askren’s trash talk, dismissing the former Bellator champion as a fighter that no one cares about.

“I don’t really have too [many] thoughts on it,” Covington said. “He’s piping up the wrong tree, he’s asking for this big fight and he’s never won a fight in the top 50 let alone the top 20.

”He’s trying to prove himself by calling me out but I’m America’s champ. My skills got me to the White House. Where the hell has that loser ever been? Nowhere. He’s not been anywhere. Where have his skills taken him? Malaysia? That’s really cool. He ain’t ready for the big cities and the bright lights. I just sold out the United Center like Michael Jordan. 15,000 plus were on their feet in Chicago to witness greatness.”

“That needle d*ck can’t get 15 people into an Asian bingo hall. They gave him away for a midget for Christ’s sake. There’s levels to this sh*t.”

Covington made a name for himself in recent years on the back of vitriolic trash talk and top-flight wins in the octagon. He won the interim UFC welterweight title with a unanimous decision win over former lightweight kingpin Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 225. (The UFC later said he would be stripped of the belt when Tyron Woodley defended his undisputed title against Darren Till, but the UFC rankings page still has him listed as interim champion.) Now Covington is looking at a title unification bout against Woodley, when Woodley comes back from hand surgery that is expected to keep him out of action for another couple of months, and it sounds like Covington has no intention of spinning his wheels with Askren in the meantime.

“Nothing about Ben Askren impresses me,” Covington said. “He’s a one-dimensional fighter. He’s never hurt a fly. He hasn’t beat anybody relevant. He hasn’t beat anybody top 50 in the world. If he proves himself and works his way up, he’s an easy payday for me but he’s not a draw. No one gives a f*ck about him. If he wants to come to the big boy’s league, he’s been in the little boy’s league, but you’re going to have to work your way up.

”I’m not reaching to the bottom of the mountain to pick guys up anymore. I’m at the top of the UFC mountain. You’ve got to earn your way up. I’m not helping you. If you work your way up, don’t worry buddy, I’ll leave you unconscious and we’ll send you back to the prelims where you [belong].”

That doesn’t mean Covington thinks he won’t ever face Askren, though. “Chaos” admits that the two-time NCAA national champion and former Olympian has world-class wrestling skills and that if the UFC wants to push him, he could have success. When that happens, then Askren can give him a call.

“If he gets matched up right like what they like to do with their prospects—and that’s all he is: a prospect—I think he could beat some strikers,” Covington concluded “He’s got a wrestling background to beat some strikers. But he’s getting older and he’s never really fought any good competition. He’s fighting these guys in these Asian bingo halls that don’t belong there. They’re not true fighters.

”Nobody knows who this pencil-necked, Chia-pet dweeb is and that’s ‘cause he’s never done anything relevant in the sport. When he’s done something relevant, then come talk to me.”


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Enjoy the fights and see y’all on Monday.



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