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Cian Cowley: ‘Real fighters’ know Conor McGregor will be victorious at UFC 229

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Cian Cowley has been one of the most prominent figures in the Team McGregor camp over the last number of years, and the Dubliner believes his teammate will emphatically silence his critics on Saturday night.

Cowley, who recently pledged his future to Brave CF following a knockout win in his debut under the banner, thinks people should have learned not to doubt Conor McGregor given his history of overcoming top-level opponents over the years in the Octagon.

“People are so quick to forget about Conor’s ability, where he has been, the fights he has been in and the level of opponents [he has faced]. Every time he’s been matched against these lads it’s always the same bollocks talk. I just don’t know how people don’t see that,” Cowley told the Eurobash podcast.

“Think about it: the Mayweather fight and all that’s happened since then….the Alvarez fight must be two years ago now. He’ll be a different fighter now than he was then. That’s a long time ago. He’s matured as a fighter, especially after what he’s been through with Mayweather. He had the 30 minutes with Mayweather and he had the whole camp involved with that fight…that’s different level type sh*t.”

Cowley dismissed the notion that the hostility between SBG and Khabib Nurmagomedov is driving “The Notorious” ahead of the all-encompassing lightweight title fight, but rather “hard work” and “wars in the gym” are the only way to prepare for the grudge match.

“It’s not like that…it’s not like there’s some mad hate there towards them or anything like that…it’s not like that. It’s more about putting the hard work in and having the wars in the gym because you can’t deny hard work. Then we’ll let the fighting do the talk on the night because that’s what we’re best at. Conor’s the best in the world bar no one, and that’s what he’s going to prove next Saturday,” he said.

“We’re all here to see that, the whole team. I’m behind Conor 100 percent in everything, inside the ring and outside the ring, I’m over his shoulder the whole time. He’s a big thing for our country…huge…not only as a fighter but as an Irishman as well. That’s what we’re all here for: support, watching the greatness unfold and watching him slap the head of this lad on Saturday and then the Irish are back on top.”

While many are predicting a Nurmagomedov win, Cowley is adamant that “real fighters” know that McGregor will have his hand raised on Oct. 6:

“There’ll always be the jackasses giving it this and that, you’re never going to get rid of them. The real ones will know, the real fighters. I think the real fighters know now, to be honest. If you look at anyone who came out and said anything about the fight, the real solid fighters that don’t claim to be this and that, they’re all saying what’s going to happen. The real ones know and everyone will know on Saturday.”

Check out the latest episode of Eurobash. MMA Fighting’s Peter Carroll and Irish journalist, Niall McGrath discuss UFC 229, KSW 45, Cage Warriors 97 and Peppa Pig. The Cian Cowley interview begins at 47:00.

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