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Fabian Edwards targets Mike Shipman, says Bellator deal is a ‘level above’ other Euro signings

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Bellator rolled out the red carpet for U.K. middleweight standout, Fabian Edwards, announcing his signing during the live broadcast of Bellator 208 last weekend.

Edwards is the latest on a long list of European signings made by the promotion, but “The Assassin” was quick to point out that his contract is far more substantial than the others who were signed across the U.K. and Ireland.

“I’ve got a big bag, they’ve got a small bag,” Edwards quipped on the latest episode of Eurobash. “That’s all I can say…the bag I got is a large bag, you know?

“I can’t comment for the [other European signees], but the fact that they flew me out to the event in New York and I had that interview on live TV; I think that separates me from the other U.K. guys. No one else has had that treatment, so that made me realize [I’m in a different situation].

“I don’t want to be in the same bracket as the other U.K. guys; I’m a level above. As cocky as that sounds, that’s just how I feel.”

While fans and media are still pondering whether the European signings will be matched for cards in the U.S., Edwards insisted that Bellator is already discussing his promotional bow for February in New York.

“They’ve already mentioned February to me. They’re looking at New York. We’re trying to speed up the visa. [Bellator] haven’t just brought me in to be another guy. I just can’t wait to show them the level that I know I’m at.”

Edwards had been left on the shelf for a number of months as BAMMA refused to release him from his contract. The promotion have still to announce any future dates and Edwards revealed that he fears the worst for the U.K. promotion.

“I don’t know, but it feels that way,” he replied when asked if BAMMA could be on the verge of closure. “[BAMMA] are releasing everyone from their contracts. No shows are on, so I wouldn’t be surprised in the next few weeks if [BAMMA] announced that they’ve closed up shop.”

Edwards also revealed that he would be more than happy to face Mike Shipman—another U.K. middleweight standout that has committed his future to Bellator—in his promotional debut but ideally the fight would happen in his hometown, Birmingham.

“That’s the fight I want immediately. [Bellator] have mentioned a Birmingham card. If they do announce a Birmingham card, I’d want to face him in Birmingham. That’s been brewing for a while, that’s a fight we should have had ages ago,” he said.

“The thing I’m interested to see is, when he was in BAMMA he never really said a word to me. When he left BAMMA he messaged me talking about, ‘Let’s have a fight in the gym’. I can’t make no money off that!” he said.

Edwards added: “I’ve watched a few of his fights; I think he’s sloppy and he doesn’t really do anything well.”

On the latest episode of Eurobash, MMA Fighting’s Peter Carroll chats with Irish journalist Niall McGrath about the latest MMA news from Europe. The Fabian Edwards interview begins at 7:00

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