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Cian Cowley chose Brave CF over Bellator: ‘The Brave deal suited me better’

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Fresh off his stint in Las Vegas for Conor McGregor’s lightweight title clash with Khabib Nurmagomedov, SBG welterweight Cian Cowley has got his eyes fixed on the first fight of his all-new Brave CF deal, which takes place on Nov. 16.

A decorated Muay Thai proponent, Cowley crossed over to MMA in 2016 and graduated to the professional ranks after a successful campaign at the IMMAF World Championships.

His participation in April’s Brooklyn bus attack ahead of UFC 223 shot him to infamy, and after a his viral knockout of Daniel Olejniczak in his Brave CF debut, he was happy to commit his future to the ever-growing promotion.

According to “The Warrior”, Bellator was among the suitors that were looking to pin him down before he put pen to paper with Brave CF.

“I went back and I looked at the offers that were there at that time. Bellator had made [an offer] and few other promotions had made [offers], but the Brave deal just suited me best,” Cowley told the Eurobash podcast.

“I’ve been around Brave since Brave 1, I was in Bahrain for Brave 1. I know all the staff, I know everyone there and I know the way it’s run. I’ve been in Bahrain three or four times now, so I’ve established my base there now.”

The Dubliner revealed that the first fight of his new deal will take place on Nov. 16. He also underlined his desire to be as active as possible having repaired a niggling hand injury that has been pestering him since him professional debut.

Brave CF later announced that Cowley (1-1-0) would face Hardeep Rai (3-1-0).

“I’m fighting on the 16thof November in Bahrain. I don’t know whether that’s been announced yet, I’m matched and I have an opponent. 16thof November is the first one and then I’m looking to have a quick turnover to be honest,” he explained.

“I hurt my hand in my debut and ever since that I’ve been fighting with a hand injury. I had four amateur fights with my hand being injured. I got the surgery and I came back and fought again. I’ve been fighting with a bad hand the whole way through, but two surgeries later it’s fixed. The steel has been all taken out and the bone is fused back. I want to get back to the way I was when I was Thai boxing. When I was fighting in Thai boxing I was one of the most active fighters there was; I just want to bang out the fights. I don’t want to have this fight in November and then get back in there in May. If I’m fresh in this fight and I get another first round knockout like last time, I’ll go again the next month. That’s the way I want it to be,” he said.

“I’m just starting out here so I want fights and experience. I’m getting better and better every day — look at who I’m around. It’s the fights that are going to make me better.”

Although Cowley has put April’s charges behind him, he says he learned a lot from the experience.

“It was hiccough. Obviously, it wasn’t set out to be like that and that’s not how I intended on getting my name out there. You had people saying, ‘You pissed away your career’, but that never crossed my mind. I’ll make good of any situation; no matter what happens in my life I’ll always make it good. I actually learned and grew so much as a person over that situation that happened. It was a good life experience for me,” said Cowley.

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