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Daniel Cormier, Stipe Miocic exchange barbs over UFC 230 title fight booking: ‘Don’t be thirsty’

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Daniel Cormier’s first heavyweight title defense is coming against Derrick Lewis. To that, Stipe Miocic is taking a hard pass.

It was made official Tuesday that Cormier would be fighting Lewis in the main event of UFC 230 on Nov. 3 in New York. Cormier, of course, defeated Miocic by first-round knockout at UFC 226 back in July to become heavyweight champion. Cormier also holds the light heavyweight belt.

Miocic told ESPN that he wanted to fight Cormier at UFC 230, but “DC” didn’t accept that fight. The former champ posted on Twitter a video of him talking about that bout with Cormier three months ago.

“I’m a way better fighter than he was,” Miocic said. “Nine out of 10 times, I win that fight. That was the one time. It kills me inside, because I’m a way better fighter than he is. I know it and everyone else knows it. I think he knows it, too.”

Lewis is coming off a stunning third-round knockout win over Alexander Volkov at UFC 229 last Saturday night. Lewis’ best performance might have come in a hilarious post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, which led to him making a legion of new fans. Aside from that, though, Lewis has one of the best résumés in the division — wins in nine of his last 10 fights and five fight-night bonuses in that time.

In response to Miocic, Cormier told him, “Don’t be thirsty” and Miocic is up next if Brock Lesnar — Cormier’s planned first title defense opponent — won’t be ready early next year.

Miocic shot back that Cormier won in July, “but it would never happen again.”

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