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Video: Jean-Claude Van Damme kicks Cody Garbrandt in the face

Finally, a video has emerged of Cody Garbrandt eating one of movie star Jean Claude Van Damme’s infamous kicks.

Van Damme and Garbrandt appeared to be moving around in a cage when the Belgian actor caught the UFC fighter with an errant kick.

Last month, the former UFC bantamweight champion revealed that Van Damme had nearly kicked his teeth out when he appeared on former UFC fighter Mick Swick’s podcast, Real Quick With Mike Swick.

“No Love” explained that he was infuriated when the Kickboxer star landed one of his signature techniques during a training session at Team Alpha Male.

“I was demonstrating the kick he showed me to get it right. Then I put my foot down and he kicked me right in the teeth. I went black,” said Garbrandt, according to Bloody Elbow’s report.

“I was like ‘I’m going to rip his head off, but it’s Jean-Claude what are you supposed to do?’ All of a sudden he looks at me, drops to his knees and starts crying and is like “My champion!” and starts crying like that, so I felt hella awkward.”

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