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Bobby Lashley spears American Top Team owner Dan Lambert through table in Impact pro-wrestling spot

Dan Lambert seems pretty committed to his recent gig as a pro-wrestling heel manager.

The longtime American Top Team owner has been working for months as an on-air character for Impact Wrestling. And in a segment that aired Thursday on Impact on Pop, he fell victim to a gnarly table spot.

Impact Wrestling star Bobby Lashley (also a Bellator heavyweight) speared Lambert pretty viciously through the folding table, which was propped up in the corner of the ring.

In the storyline, Lashley had been aligned with Lambert as part of Impact’s somewhat-true-to-life American Top Team group. MMA fighters Muhammed Lawal and Colby Covington have also made Impact appearances in recent months as part of the on-air Team ATT. Lambert is a longtime pro-wrestling enthusiast

Lashley, 41, is expected to soon depart Impact with speculation that he could return to WWE.

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