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Stipe Miocic on coach Marcus Marinelli presenting him with title instead of Dana White: ‘He respects me’

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Following his win over Francis Ngannou in the main event of UFC 220 Saturday night, Stipe Miocic took his title from Dana White and handed it to his head coach Marcus Marinelli, who then wrapped the championship belt around Miocic’s waist.

Usually, it’s the UFC president who wraps the belt around the waist of the champion following a win in a title fight.

Speaking after breaking the record for heavyweight title defenses, Miocic claimed he wanted his coach to put the belt on him because of the mutual respect they have for each other.

“(He’s) my dude,” said Miocic of his coach at the post-fight press conference. “He respects me and I respect him. End of story”

Asked if he thought White respected him, Miocic described his coaching team as his “family” and underlined that he didn’t care what the UFC president thought of him.

“I don’t know and I don’t really care,” he said.

“Where’s my coach at? Those dudes right there are my family. They all respect me and I respect them. They come with me. We go to war no matter what – win, lose or draw. That’s my family. We all respect each other no matter what the situation is.”

Miocic has been vocal about not being satisfied with his contract since his first title defense against Alistair Overeem.

During fight week, White claimed that the two had “butted heads” in an interview with Turner and Rich. At the post-fight press conference, Miocic revealed that he asked White about his comments on the radio show and that the Bostonian had denied saying it.

“No man, we’ll keep doing what we do,” said Miocic when asked if he would like to change the way he is currently being promoted.

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I don’t really care. Honestly, I’ve got so much on my plate right now. I’m so happy with my beautiful wife and our child. I’m very lucky, I’ve got my coaches here and they’re amazing. Listen man, I don’t worry about repairing anything. I don’t know.

“I called him out when he said that we were butting heads. I called him out on that it was pretty funny. He was saying ‘What are you talking about?’ So, I don’t know.

“He denied it,” Miocic replied when asked how White had reacted to his inquiry about his comments on Turner and Rich.

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