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Mickey Gall challenges ‘f*cking idiot’ Kevin Lee to ‘no rules’ gym fight

Mickey Gall UFC 203
Mickey Gall challenged Kevin Lee to a fight outside of the Octagon.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Earlier this year, during a mid-spring episode of The MMA Hour, UFC lightweight contender Kevin Lee let his opinion be known about Mickey Gall. To put it lightly, Lee wasn’t a fan of the media push Mickey Gall was receiving from his early Octagon wins over CM Punk and Sage Northcutt, and he felt that push would be better served on other fighters who had put in the time.

As it turns out, Gall heard Lee’s criticisms loud and clear.

On Monday, nearly six months after the initial shots were fired, Gall issued his response, effectively challenging Lee to put his money where his mouth was.

“He was talking sh*t on your show. That f*cking idiot,” Gall said unprompted during an in-studio appearance on The MMA Hour.

“I’d like to challenge him to a straight fight in the gym. I saw him slide into (Tony) Ferguson’s DMs trying to do that. I’d like him to slide into mine, and I’d like to get a little no-limit fight with him. We’ll call it a spar. Maybe he could get daddy Mayweather to guest sponsor him, we could bet some money. I don’t know. He’s got something on, what, [October] 7th? I’ve got something the next month (November) on the 4th. We could figure that out somewhere.”

Gall brought up Lee multiple times during the segment, having been pointed towards Lee’s early 2017 remarks by fight fans online.

It wasn’t the first time the two fighters have been linked. Whether over social media or in interviews, Gall has been in a target of Lee’s in numerous instances since the 25-year-old welterweight made his UFC debut in Feb. 2016 as the potential foil of Punk. But it was Lee’s comments from April that stuck out to Gall the most.

“Mickey Gall has never fought a professional fight,” Lee said on The MMA Hour. “Sage was the first real fighter that he ever fought, and even Sage don’t deserve to be there, so he ain’t fought no pro fights. Why give him the airtime over guys that already got like eight, nine, 10 UFC fights, and they’re real fights against real fighters that don’t get as much airtime? You’ve just got these big fights and just because people hear his name, they think (he’s really good). It’s bullsh*t, you know?

“I’m not going to knock the hustle,” Lee continued, “but people are going to talk about what you put out. So if you make 10 articles about Mickey Gall, and you don’t make a single article about nobody else, then of course they’re going to be buzzing about him, of course they’re going to be talking about him. He ain’t doing it on his own.”

At the time of his remarks, Lee was an unranked fighter vying for contention in the stacked UFC lightweight division. Now, though, things have changed dramatically, as Lee is currently preparing to challenge for the interim UFC lightweight title against Tony Ferguson on Oct. 7 in the main event of UFC 216.

Gall has his own big date to worry about as well. He’s slated to face fellow Dana White Lookin’ For a Fight alum Randy Brown on Nov. 4 at UFC 217 in Madison Square Garden.

Lee and Gall also compete in different weight classes, with Gall committing to a run in the 170-pound division. But despite all of those preventive factors, Gall is more than willing to meet Lee outside of the Octagon for a little extra curricular activity.

“He’s talking sh*t, man. He’s too comfortable using my name,” Gall said.

“I think he’s got talent, but I’d f*ck him up.

“We’re both in different places in our career, but we could fight in the gym anytime,” Gall added.

“Whatever he wants. No rules. F*ck it, let’s fight.”

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