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Gokhan Saki to move to US, wants one more fight in 2017

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Gokhan Saki is not resting on his laurels after he opened his UFC account in emphatic fashion on Friday night in Saitama.

Speaking to Ariel Helwani on the latest episode of The MMA Hour, the Turkish kickboxing great reiterated his desire to become a UFC champion within a year, despite only contesting two bouts in MMA thus far, one of which he lost via TKO in 2004.

After his left hook knockout of Henrique da Silva, Saki claimed that he is already looking at making inroads into moving to the US.

He also suggested that he would like to fight one more time before the year is out, having been on the sidelines for two and a half years ahead of his UFC debut.

“I’m training hard for a fight,” Saki said.

“We’re talking about a new date and I really can’t wait to fight in the US. I tried a fight here one time before and I really liked the US. I’m planning also to move to the US. I’m hoping to fight this year, one more time.”

Saki claimed that he would ideally move to Miami to work alongside Ilir Latifi’s coach, Selman Berisha.

“I think I’m going to go to Miami because I’m training today with Selman Berisha, he is the trainer of Ilir Latifi. He lives in Sweden and in Miami, so we have good contacts over there. If we can go to Miami to train we are going to do that. Everything is open still,” Saki said.

Saki insisted that he would be much happier if he was training in the US.

“For me, this is the place to be and to train. There is panicking in my eyes, I will be much more happy with my career over there. Like I said, I think it will be good.”