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Conor McGregor knows he would win Floyd Mayweather rematch

Esther Lin, Showtime

GLASGOW – Conor McGregor believes he would beat Floyd Mayweather in a rematch based on the lessons he learned in their first bout last month.

The UFC lightweight champion revealed how disappointed he is that the boxing great has retired and claimed that “Money” did not know how to handle his early attacks.

“What’s sickening me is that the little motherf**ker is retired now,” McGregor told Caroline Pearce at An Evening with Conor McGregor at Glasgow’s SEC Armadillo venue.

“I know if I went another go with him, under boxing rules, I’d get that win. I know that. I know by the feeling of him in the first fight.

“He had to change his whole approach. He fought completely different than he ever fought. He couldn’t figure out what I was doing early on.

“With the lessons I learned from that first fight, if I had another go now, I’d get him. At the same time, he’s 50-0 and he’s getting on, I’m not gonna start calling him out. I’m happy to see a fighter (do well).”

Although “The Notorious” said he wouldn’t pursue a rematch, he does think that Mayweather’s well-publicized spending could lead to a rematch. He also declared interest in meeting Mayweather in MMA.

“It’s a dangerous game we’re in. I’m not gonna start calling him out. I’ll sit back and wait and I’ll fight,” he said.

“Let’s see how he handles this round of money. I might get the phone call again and we may do it again. Originally, he said an MMA fight next. He was talking about an MMA fight next.

“That’s what he said before the fight. So, what’s he going to do? Does he want another fight? In my head I’m thinking, get one of these boxing guys to come over into my world now.”

The Irishman did acknowledge that he was beaten on the night but has had trouble pondering what he could have done to Mayweather if he were able to employ his full skill set.

“I got beat. I got beat under that rule set. I’m not going to start giving off like that. I accepted the rules, and I was beat in the rules,” he conceded.

“Make no mistake, every time I took his back in that f**king fight and the referee separated us, in a real fight it’s done right there. That was the part for me that I had to get over the most.

“I almost feel like I sold myself out. I put so many skills and so many shots in my back pocket for a pay check and big event and that’s been messing with my head a little bit.”

Considering Mayweather’s latest purchase, McGregor again suggested that the 40-year-old could look for another date with him based on his financial choices.

“Fair play to him, it’s some purchase, a $26 million mansion,” McGregor said.

“I’m thinking, the tax bill of this last fight, the tax bill off his previous bill, and then his good investments, I think I could be getting a call anytime soon to go again and I f**king want to.”

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