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‘Who the fook is that guy?’ Jeremy Stephens now has an answer for Conor McGregor

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Jeremy Stephens clapped back at Conor McGregor and it was well done.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

It took almost a year to the day. But Jeremy Stephens has finally clapped back at Conor McGregor. And it was all worth the wait.

On Thursday, about 51 weeks since McGregor burned him epically during a press conference, Stephens had the perfect comeback to “Who the fook is that guy?” Stephens posted to Twitter a picture of him posing with McGregor’s mother. The caption read simply: “#YourMomKnowsWhoDaFook” with a pair of emojis thrown in for fun.

McGregor let loose with one of the best lines in UFC press conference history in September 2016. At a UFC 205 presser at Madison Square Garden, Stephens, who was fighting Frankie Edgar on the same card as McGregor vs. Eddie Alvarez, interrupted a question posed to McGregor.

When Stephens was done, McGregor paused, turned slightly around and uttered a now iconic phrase.

“Who the fook is that guy?” McGregor said.

The line has followed Stephens since then. Just take a look at the replies on his Twitter and you’ll see it used often. And not just for Stephens, either. MMA fans have made a gif and meme, to be used whenever someone comes up in a headline that they deem to be insignificant.

Now, though, Stephens, who is coming off an impressive victory over Gilbert Melendez at UFC 215 earlier this month, can take solace in the fact that he has clapped back in relatively impressive fashion.

Your move, Conor.

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