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Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady “GGG” Golovkin: Live round-by-round updates

Gennady Golovkin v Canelo Alvarez - Weigh-in
Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady “GGG” Golovkin will square off Saturday night in Las Vegas.
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

MMA Fighting has Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady “GGG” Golovkin live blog for round-by-round updates of one of the top boxing fights of the year.

The main event will start a little after 11:00 p.m. ET. Check out our Canelo vs. GGG results page to find out what happened on the undercard. Alvarez, who has won seven straight fights, is 49-1-1 with 34 knockouts. GGG, who has the WBA (super), WBC, IBF, and IBO middleweight titles, is 37-0 with 33 knockouts.

Alvarez is guaranteed to make $5 million, while Golovkin is slated to earn $3 million.

Check out the Canelo vs. GGG main event live blog below.

Round 1: Now this is a blockbuster boxing match. Cannot wait for this one to kick off. Referee Kenny Bayless will be your third man in the ring. Three anthems on tap first; the Mexican national anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner, and the national anthem of Kazakhstan. And here come the fighters! Golovkin makes the walk first, striding out the “Seven Nation Army.” And here comes Canelo. The crowd is deafening; they’re ready for this one. And so am I. Michael Buffer introduces both men, Bayless does the honors, they touch ‘em up and we’re off. Golovkin takes the center of the ring early. First punch of the fight is a Golovkin jab. Golovkin stalks as Canelo circles against the ropes. Canelo slips a stiff jab. Golovkin paws out a few left hands. Patient start to this fight from both men. Golovkin continues to pry away with his jab. Canelo ducks under a wild shot and digs to the body. Golovkin jabs away. Canelo smacks Golovkin with a nice left hand, but Golovkin just shakes his head. Canelo is starting to open up a little bit now, unloading a nice three-punch combination. Golovkin pressures Canelo into the ropes as the bell sounds. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Golovkin.

Round 2: Golovkin again takes the center of the ring and starts working his jab. They clinch. Canelo goes body-head but misses. Canelo smacks Golovkin with a stiff jab. Golovkin is showing a lot of respect here for Canelo’s skills. Canelo opens up with a flurry, Golovkin responds with a short uppercut. They’re taking turns leading the dance, but Canelo is getting the better of most exchanges. Golovkin is only really finding success with his jab. Canelo digs a shot to the body then dances away. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Canelo. (19-19.)

Round 3: Canelo is slowly starting to open up with his punches. And he picks up right where he left off, as they start slugging it out. Golovkin lands a left hook to the head. Canelo mixes up head and body as he flurries. Golovkin eats a pair of stiff jabs from Canelo. Canelo is doing work here, mixing up his attack and landing at a much heavier clip than Golovkin. Just as I write that, Golovkin stalks forward and lunges into a nice body shot. Golovkin walks Canelo into the corner and cracks him with a hard hook. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Canelo. (29-28 Canelo.)

Round 4: Canelo plants a stiff jab in Golovkin’s mug. Canelo lands a shot to the body, but Golovkin just eats it and starts throwing. Nothing connects. Canelo puts his back against the ropes and goads Golovkin into slugging it out. Canelo is just hanging back and playing defense, taunting Golovkin and telling him to fire. Canelo releases back to the center of the ring but eats a hard right hand from Golovkin in the process. Golovkin is starting to find his range now. Canelo eats another pair of hard shots. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Golovkin. (38-38.)

Round 5: Golovkin barrels inside swinging, but nothing lands flush. Golovkin cuts off the ring and traps Canelo against the ropes. He unloads a flurry. Golovkin looks like a completely different fighter than he did a few rounds ago. Golovkin jabs his way into the clinch, Canelo answers with a sharp uppercut to the body. Canelo returns to the uppercuts inside the phone booth. Golovkin smashes Canelo with a savage right hand. Canelo just eats it, but he’s again stuck with his back on the ropes. Golovkin is smiling now as he picks his shots. Golovkin flurries and smacks Canelo in the face, forcing Canelo to release back to the center of the ring. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Golovkin. (48-47 Golovkin.)

Round 6: We got ourselves a fight now. Canelo comes out like a man on fire, slinging punches to Golovkin’s head and body. Golovkin blocks it all and fires back. Canelo lands a tremendous right hand to the body. Golovkin eats a stiff jab. Canelo charges forward feinting but not committing. The crowd swells as the two fighters trade in the center of the ring. Golovkin walks Canelo into the ropes, forcing a clinch. Bayless warns Canelo for rabbit punching. Golovkin potshots Canelo against the ropes. Golovkin is doing his best work against the ropes and in the corners. Golovkin presses forward with his jab, but Canelo responds with punches of his own. Golovkin is stalking Canelo around the ring here. Great round. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Golovkin. (58-56 Golovkin.)

Round 7: Golovkin again takes his place as the aggressor. Oh, Golovkin scores with a stiff jab to the head. Canelo takes a step back then fires off a jab of his own. Golovkin bulldozes Canelo into the corner, then cuts off the ring and keeps Canelo against the ropes with his jab. Canelo tries to respond but misses. Golovkin unloads with another flurry in the corner. Canelo shakes his head but he caught a few of those on the chin. Golovkin is out-landing Canelo in head shots by a wide margin. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Golovkin. (68-65 Golovkin.)

Round 8: They meet in the center of the ring and Golovkin immediately starts pressing Canelo into the ropes. Golovkin lets his hands go and the crowd explodes as Canelo defends a series of hard shots. Golovkin doubles up with jab to the head, and again. Damn, Golovkin eats a body shot and fires back with a big uppercut to the chin of Canelo. Golovkin peppers Canelo with his right hand. Golovkin just misses with a massive right hook. Big shot lands for Golovkin, but Canelo just eats it. Golovkin drives Canelo back into the corner and goes to work. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Golovkin. (78-74 Golovkin.)

Round 9: Golovkin is taking control of this fight. Golovkin pops Canelo with a sneaky counter jab. Canelo rallies to the body, but that only wakes up Golovkin, who swarms on Canelo against the ropes! Golovkin crushes Canelo with a looping shot! Canelo retreats to the other side of the ring but eats another right hand. Golovkin isn’t giving Canelo room to breathe. Oh, HUGE counter right connects for Canelo! Golovkin just walks through it! This is crazy. Canelo unloads a one-two, but Golovkin shakes it off. Golovkin bulldogs his way inside, trapping Canelo in the corner and peppering him with shots. Canelo punches his way out. Canelo connects with a stiff right hand. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Golovkin. (88-83 Golovkin.)

Round 10: Canelo swings wide with a right hook that misses. Canelo follows it up with a flurry, and he finds a home for a monster shot! The crowd erupts sensing a momentum shift! Canelo mixes things up, going head and body while throwing with reckless abandon. Golovkin responds with flurries of his own! They’re slugging this out! Golovkin presses forward and traps Canelo against the ropes. Canelo looks tired. Canelo escapes only to find his back once again against the ropes. They clinch. Golovkin rushes into the phone booth and starts unloading! Canelo fires back! This is crazy. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Canelo. (97-93 Golovkin.)

Round 11: Golovkin immediately walks Canelo into the ropes. He’s straight stalking Canelo here, but Canelo is sticking and moving, not letting himself get trapped. Golovkin pops his jab into Canelo’s chin. Nice exchange from both men. Golovkin eats a big right hand in the center of the ring. Golovkin is still pushing forward, content to potshot Canelo against the ropes. Overhand right connects for Golovkin, following by a short uppercut. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Golovkin. (107-102 Golovkin.)

Round 12: Final round here and this is a sensational fight. They’re letting loose with reckless abandon! Nasty uppercut lands for Canelo. Canelo flurries and cracks Golovkin with a series of shots to the head. Golovkin just marches forward slinging punches! This is madness. Golovkin swarms against the ropes but Canelo ties up, and they’re separated. Golovkin lunges and misses with a right hand. Canelo ties up again. Canelo looks exhausted but he’s still slinging. Canelo just misses with an uppercut. Ten seconds left and they just start trading! Wild finish here sends us home. What a fight. MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Canelo. (116-112 Golovkin.)

Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin ruled a draw (110-118, 115-113, 114-114)

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