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Daniel Cormier calls for MMA fans to ‘lay off’ Jon Jones: ‘We must show compassion’

Daniel Cormier
Daniel Cormier called for MMA fans to show compassion towards Jon Jones.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Daniel Cormier would be well within his rights to heap criticism upon his rival, Jon Jones, in light of everything that has happened over the last few weeks.

Jones, 30, was stripped of his UFC light heavyweight title on Wednesday, the third such time Jones has been stripped of a UFC title over the past three years. This time around, Jones tested positive the anabolic steroid Turinabol in an in-competition drug screening administered the day before UFC 214. After Jones’ B sample also came back positive for Turinabol, the California State Athletic Commission overturned Jones’ July 29 victory over Cormier into a no contest, and the UFC subsequently reinstated “DC” as UFC light heavyweight champion.

No one has been more affected by Jones’ countless indiscretions over the past few years than Cormier, and nowhere has that pattern been more clear than UFC 214. The rematch between the two light heavyweights may be null and void in the history books, but the brain trauma Cormier sustained against Jones will last forever.

Nonetheless, on Friday, Cormier took to Instagram, posting a statement in defense of Jones and calling for fight fans to show compassion to the embattled former UFC champion.

“I call upon you to take a breathe, lay off of Jones,” Cormier wrote. “Let him and his team figure out what's going on and what happened. I was down and some may have kicked me but the majority of you showed compassion and love. After the fight Jones showed compassion, regardless of what has happened as humans we must show compassion. Jon is not on this ride alone, remember this man has a family. Let's respect that. You don't show ur support for me by hurting others.”

In a tweet Thursday, Jones swore on his children and his and his “Heavenly Father” that he would “never do steroids.” His team has also echoed that sentiment, claiming that Jones did not knowingly ingest Turinabol and speculating that the banned substance came from a tainted supplement. As a multiple-time PED offender, Jones faces a maximum four-year suspension from USADA.

Cormier’s full statement can be read below.

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