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Morning Report: Valentina Shevchenko goes off about UFC 215 decision, promises Amanda Nunes, ‘We will meet again!’

Amanda Nunes and Valentina Shevchenko Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

In the immediate aftermath of UFC 215, Valentina Shevchenko blasted the judges for awarding Amanda Nunes the victory in a fight she believed she had won. A few days removed from the loss do not seem to have cooled Shevchenko off any as “Bullet” still seems quite upset with the judges’ decision.

Taking to social media on Tuesday, Shevchenko posted a lengthy statement reasserting her belief that the judges made the wrong decision and detailing how a dislocated finger in the first round prevented her from fighting to the best of her abilities but after her coach fixed the dislocation between rounds, she began to outclass Nunes.

First of all, I want to thank all those who supported me! The support from my dear friends, media, and fans is very...

Posted by Valentina Shevchenko on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

“After 5 rounds fight the judges were divided in opinion, and 2-1 they gave victory to Nunes (48-47, 47-48, 47-48) I do not think that the fight was lost, 3 rounds out of 5 I definitely won.

“In the middle of the first round, after exchanging of punches, I dislocated a finger on my left hand , so I could not fully realize my advantage from the beginning of the fight. During the break after the first round, my coach Pavel Fedotov put the joint in place, and from the second round I was able to work with both hands.”

All three judges scored the first round for Nunes, though in each round after that there was dissension. The most disputed round of the fight and the one that likely cost Shevchenko the title was the fifth round, where Nunes landed two takedowns and took Shevchenko’s back at one point which was enough to give her the round on two judges scorecards despite only landing four strikes in the round. Shevchenko takes umbrage with this part saying that takedowns are not supposed to be scored without damage.

“And in the last 5th round Nunes made one take down against one of mine.

“In addition, the new rules say and we were advised before the fight say that if you do not do any damage or action when you hold a position (including takedown) then this control does not give an advantage. And Nunes couldn't land not one punch on the ground. For the whole fight, I did not get a hit to my face from her.”

It wasn’t just the fifth round that Shevchenko felt was improperly scored though, “Bullet” went on to rail against judges awarding Nunes points for coming forward, when in her mind, Nunes wasn’t accomplishing anything but was being countered effectively.

“If someone else has a doubt in my victory in the 2, 3, 4 rounds, then by what advantage did Nunes win? Leading a passive fight only pushing me with "tips" to the leg and not landing any punches? While I had to in the same time to both counterattack and attack her, because she took in passive position.

“Some write and say that she held the center of the octagon, as an advantage. Our competitions are not called - to guard the center of the octagon and win. Yes, you can occupy the center of the octagon, but then receive all possible attacks. A fighter must and can use the entire perimeter of an octagon according to his tactics and style.

“For example, the style of Mohamed [sic] Ali and Mike Tyson is completely different in how they used the different parts of the ring. This rule of the center of the octagon is made for when one fighter avoids fight and running out from the fight. Then, yes, the one who is in the center of the octagon has the advantage.

“Running into an open strike exchange against an opponent who is taller, bigger, and heavier would be foolish of me. And how bad can end this kind of ‘runs forward’ we have seen in various fight. In my fights I put emphasis on technique, tactics, and speed. We are doing martial arts, it is not the hardest forehead competition to win the victory, and not to win in accidentally striking exchange. The goal is to strike inflict damage and not receive damage in a response. And this can only be achieved by training your art to the highest level. Therefore, after the fight, I have not a single bruise on my face, but all my fists and fingers are broken from delivering punches.”

Shevchenko has now come up short against Nunes on two separate occasions and considering the fact that she cuts very little to make the 135 pound weight limit, many assumed this loss would send her down to the newly instated UFC women’s flyweight division where she would be an immediate title challenger. That doesn’t seem to be on Shevchenko’s mind at the moment though because the top-ranked women’s bantamweight promises that she will get another chance to settle accounts with Nunes in the future.

“MMA is a very interesting and diverse sport, anything can happen. Of course, I'm upset, but I'm not going to let this stop me from achieving my goal. I'll rest a bit and then start training in order to get back to the octagon in the near future.

“Nunes, we will meet again!”


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It’s important to note that Jones’ B sample result was the expected outcome here and functionally changes very little about his case. Obviously, there is still a chance that Jones is able to clear his name but if he isn’t and is suspended for any extended period of time, we should all hope for Jon Jones in RIZIN. There are so many ridiculously fun things to do with him once we completely let go of the shackles of respectability and if you’re telling me I have a choice between watching Jones defend his title against Volkan Oezdemir or face Baruto and a gassed up Cro Cop in a one-night tournament, I know which one I’m taking every time.

Take it easy everyone and see y’all tomorrow.



If Jon Jones does get suspended for a long period of time, would you like to see him in RIZIN?

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