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One day after UFC 215, Gilbert Melendez’s leg is not looking very good

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Check this out at your own risk.

Gilbert Melendez’s wife Keri posted a photo of Melendez’s leg on social media Sunday night, one day after Jeremy Stephens absolutely trashed it at UFC 215 in Edmonton. The leg does not appear to be in good shape, though Keri said Gilbert is doing fine and there is no structural damage.

“Everyone is asking about Gilbert's leg,” she wrote. “Here is a pic today. He is doing A ok. Thank you to all for the support.”

Melendez was an absolute warrior Saturday night, trying his hardest to weather a vicious onslaught against Stephens, one of the best power strikers in the featherweight division. Melendez, the former Strikeforce and WEC lightweight champion, went the distance, but fell by unanimous decision in his 145-pound debut.

Stephens attacked Melendez’s lead leg right from the start and did damage right away with a kick to the calf. Melendez’s left leg swelled almost immediately and he was sporting a nasty welt throughout.

Multiple times, Melendez fell to the canvas, unable to stand under his own power. Yet he kept getting back up, switched stances and still mounted his own offense, doing damage to Stephens. Melendez drew plenty of praise for his heart, including from UFC president Dana White.

“El Niño” earned a $50,000 Fight of the Night bonus with Stephens for his efforts.

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