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Jon Jones tells Good Morning America why he showed respect to Daniel Cormier at UFC 214

A UFC champion once again, Jon Jones is making the rounds with a smile on his face.

“Bones” started off his week by visiting Times Square on Monday for an appearance on “Good Morning America”, where he explained how important it was for him to praise rival Daniel Cormier after he knocked Cormier out to reclaim the light heavyweight title at UFC 214.

“Daniel, for the most part, he’s a fierce competitor, a pretty good individual, standup athlete, standup champion, and I know how important our fight was for him,” Jones told host Michael Strahan. “It was a legacy fight for him and I just didn’t want a win or a loss to determine his legacy. I wanted people to see him for the guy that he actually was outside of the Octagon. I think that’s equally as important. So I just thought I’d shed some light on him and who he was. It was just.”

Those compliments were in line with Jones’s comments immediately following their rematch, in which he described Cormier as “an amazing human being” and “a true champion”, adding that he aspired to be more like Cormier. It was a notable departure from their long-running feud that has seen them direct deeply personal insults at each other.

Jones was also asked about his post-fight callout of former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar, and he said the situation is on hold at the moment.

“I don’t know. I think it may be a while before Brock Lesnar is eligible to fight. Right now I’m just kind of waiting to hear from the UFC, and some different ideas outside of him.”

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