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Tyron Woodley to Georges St-Pierre: Be honest, admit why you’re really coming back to UFC

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Tyron Woodley (MMAF, EL)

Tyron Woodley doesn’t think the competitive itch made Georges St-Pierre want to return to the Octagon.

The current UFC welterweight champion, who recently successfully defended his belt against Demian Maia at UFC 214, believes St-Pierre has strictly made a comeback to MMA competition to bank on a big payday.

Both Woodley and St-Pierre were shortly linked to fight, as UFC president Dana White said the Canadian fighter would no longer be fighting for the middleweight title upon his return last week. Well, the possibility to fight the former welterweight king didn’t last long for Woodley since St-Pierre has been re-booked to fight 185-pound champion Michael Bisping at UFC 217 on Nov. 4 in New York.

Woodley believes St-Pierre didn’t return to fight top welterweights or have another title reign, but to simply take big fights that would set St-Pierre up for big paydays.

“I knew what he was coming back for,” Woodley explained Saturday on The Morning Wood Show. “I knew he wasn’t coming back to do another run and do what he has already done, he already has a name engraved on the record books. He’s coming back because he said, ‘Hey you know what ... Jon Jones, Conor, Ronda Rousey and all these fighters are making all this money, so I want to get in on some of this money.’

“What George St-Pierre needs to do is just to be honest. You’re not back in this sport to take on the welterweights, prove that you’re back and that the king is back, you’re not back for that, man. You’re here for super fights, you’re here to make a lot of money, because you helped build the business model for pay-per-view and there’s no shame in that, but just be real.”

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