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Jordan Rinaldi snuffs out Alvaro Herrera with sneaky Von Flue choke

Blood pouring from his face, Jordan Rinaldi had his opponent right where he wanted him.

The 29-year-old lightweight figured out that sometimes the best defense is a great offense and he used that strategy to score a first-round Von Flue choke submission against Alvaro Herrera in the opening UFC Fight Pass preliminary bout of UFC Fight Night 114 in Mexico City on Saturday.

Herrera thought that he was controlling Rinaldi from bottom position with a guillotine, but he soon discovered that it was actually Rinaldi who was threatening to finish the fight by pressing his shoulder down against Herrera’s neck. Within seconds of the Von Flue being locked in, Herrera was forced to tap.

This was just the fourth Von Flue submission in UFC history, with Ovince Saint Preux having pulled off the feat twice, and the other being executed by (who else?) Jason Von Flue.

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