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Dustin Ortiz scores 15-second KO of Hector Sandoval for fastest UFC flyweight finish

Don’t tell Dustin Ortiz that flyweights can’t finish fights.

Ortiz set a UFC record for the fastest finish ever in the 125-pound division with a 15-second knockout of Hector Sandoval in their preliminary bout at UFC Fight Night 114 in Mexico City on Saturday.

Fending off what would have been his fourth loss in five fights, Ortiz got off the schneid in emphatic fashion, catching a charging Sandoval with a counter 1-2 combination before finishing with ground and pound.

Ortiz’s lightning-fast performance beat the previous record of 44 seconds set by Fredy Serrano in November 2015, which ended when Serrano’s opponent Yao Zhikui was felled by an arm injury while defending a takedown.

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