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Derrick Lewis estimates he’s helped over 100 people in Hurricane Harvey rescue efforts

Namajunas - Lewis Workout
Derrick Lewis
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

With Hurricane Harvey wreaking havoc on the state of Texas, Derrick Lewis is doing what he can to quell the chaos.

On Monday, the UFC heavyweight told The MMA Hour that he has been lending a helping hand to those affected by the crisis in the Houston area and he shared videos of his efforts to his social media accounts.

In a follow-up interview with ESPN on Wednesday, Lewis explained why he decided to get involved in the first place.

“First of all, me and my wife was watching the news and we heard that the officers are not going to be going out. The only way that they’re going to be going out is life or death situations,” Lewis said. “I seen that and I really didn’t like that so I went out and tried to help as many people as I can.”

Asked how many people he’s helped so far, Lewis estimated that it was “over 100 people.”

The 32-year-old isn’t content with just sticking around Houston either. Lewis already has plans to head east to see how he can assist another Texas town.

“Last night, we heard that Beaumont got hit pretty bad too,” Lewis said. “They’re a few miles away from Houston and a couple of buddies of mine, right now we are cooking, we barbecuing, and getting everything prepared to head out that way.”

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