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Morning Report: Tyron Woodley says he and Dana White have cleared the air after their public feud stemming from UFC 214

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

On Saturday evening at UFC 214, Tyron Woodley won a clear decision over No. 1 contender Demian Maia to retain his UFC welterweight title, stopping all 21 of Maia’s takedowns and generally outlanding the jiu-jitsu ace. Though it was a clear win for Woodley, the tepid performance also drew the ire of the fans and UFC President Dana White who said Woodley “definitely could have finished it in the second round” but he “didn’t want to take the risks.” Then on Monday, Woodley went on The MMA Hour and responded to White’s comments, demanding a public apology from the UFC President and threatening to start “leaking some s**t.”

Well now apparently the beef has been squashed. Speaking with ESPN on Wednesday, Woodley said that he and White talked multiple times and that their relationship is on the mend.

"There was some yelling back and forth. At the end of the conversation, I felt pretty comfortable. It ended on a positive note. Two men can talk on the phone and maybe not agree on everything, but at least respect each other.

"I still feel he should apologize publicly, but I'm not going to hold my breath. The conversation ended with respect and that was really my goal. Dana knows all about talking off emotion. I went a little [crazy] and was talking off emotion, too. Did I really plan on leaking stuff? Probably not. But at the time, I was mad and it sounded good."

Woodley has been the subject of criticism since the beginning of his title reign where he faced scrutiny for calling for fights against Nick Diaz and Georges St-Pierre instead of against the number one contender Stephen Thompson. Woodley would go on to fight Thompson, retaining his title in a draw at UFC 205. He then rematched Thompson at UFC 209 winning a majority decision in a fight that was widely panned as awful. And though his performance on Saturday is now the second fight in a row in which Woodley has failed to impress fans, Woodley says he and his team are very happy with how he fought.

"I don't fight safe, I fight smart. I've watched the fight several times and I feel the same way I did when I walked out of the cage.

"I fight with a game plan, but sometimes you have an audible. In this fight we had one. Were there times that I thought I could knock him out? Yes. But I had to do an audible because my shoulder wouldn't let me throw the overhand right."

Woodley suffered a torn labrum in the first round of his contest with Maia which limited his offensive capability. It also perhaps resulted in Woodley losing the opportunity to face Georges St-Pierre, who White announced would be taking on Michael Bisping after Woodley’s performance, despite White having previously said St-Pierre would face the winner of the welterweight title fight at UFC 214.

But Woodley doesn’t think so. The welterweight champ says that was all smoke and mirrors and that he never was going to get that fight, in part because St-Pierre is in it for the money and Woodley is a less lucrative option when White is dragging his name through the mud.

"That was never going to happen. My fight played no factor in that.

"I want Georges to know there's no shame in his game. I'm not saying he's scared. He's not coming back for a belt or to be the best. He's coming back for big-money fights. He sees a sport in which he helped the pay-per-view model grow and he wants to get on it. There's no shame in that. But don't say you're here for any other reason.

"For me, it's about the legacy, being the best fighter and a champion who takes all comers. I'm going to make more money outside the Octagon, after my career, than I make in it. But it's making it difficult for me to achieve my goals when I have unnecessary stumbling blocks like my promoter saying damaging comments about me."

Woodley has been medically suspended for 180 days due to his shoulder injury. Meanwhile, St-Pierre is expected to face Bisping at UFC 217 on Nov. 4 at Madison Square Garden.


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