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Floyd Mayweather’s boxer shorts custom made by Irish bookmaker for weigh in


You may have been wondering why Floyd Mayweather wore a pair of green boxer shorts sporting the Paddy Power betting company name at Friday’s weigh-in for MayMac.

Undoubtedly the biggest betting company in Ireland, Paddy Power has already paid out on Mayweather winning, highlighting the perceived disparity in skill sets between him and Ireland’s own Conor McGregor.

Three days out from the contest, the bookmaker sent word out through their social media channels that they would take a £250,000 hit on the Mayweather dockets. The post carried a headline that urged punters to “Always bet on black” which was met with a lot of criticism.

Some were upset with the racial connotations of the post. Others were more upset with the Irish organization for not backing national icon McGregor.

The same slogan was written multiple times on Mayweather’s boxer shorts as he stepped on the scales in Las Vegas last night.

According to a blog post that appeared on Paddy Power's official website, the boxer shorts were custom designed by Mayweather.

“The custom-made pants, revealed as he weigh in for the money-spinning Las Vegas clash, cost almost £3,000, and were designed by Mayweather himself – including the line ‘Always bet on black,’” it read.

After Paddy Power paid out on Mayweather, the undefeated boxer posted a message in support of the company from his own Twitter page.

Per, the message behind the boxer shorts is that Paddy Power believe that “their pants will be well and truly pulled down,” such would be their embarrassment, if McGregor managed to have his hand raised on the night.

Paddy Power revealed that 24 hours after they paid out on Mayweather, 80 percent of people betting on the contest have placed on McGregor. If the Irishman wins in the fourth round of the fight, they will have to pay out over £10 million.

The company is well known for paying out early on polarizing contests, which is generally considered to be a showing of good faith to their punters.

Mayweather wore “Paddy Power” and “Always bet on black” on his boxers during weigh-ins.

Although they correctly paid out on Barack Obama to win the U.S. presidency in 2012, they made a big mistake last year when they paid out on Hillary Clinton ahead of her election loss to Donald Trump.

Mayweather is not the first man to be snapped wearing a pair of Paddy Power boxer shorts.

In 2012, Nicklas Bendtner was fined €100,000 when he showed off the waist band of his Paddy Power boxer shorts after scoring a goal during Denmark’s 3-3 draw with Portugal. The company paid the fine for the soccer star.

MMA Fighting reached out to Paddy Power whose representatives could not confirm if the company has a sponsorship deal in place with Mayweather.

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