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Former two-division champion Acelino Freitas trashes Conor McGregor’s ‘laughable' boxing

Acelino Freitas
Acelino Freitas (pictured) hopes Conor McGregor doesn't land a punch on Floyd Mayweather

A former super featherweight and lightweight boxing champion, Acelino “Popo" Freitas understands why Floyd Mayweather is fighting Conor McGregor on Aug. 26 in Las Vegas, but he is not a fan of the decision.

Freitas (40-2, 34 KO), who retired from the sport in 2007 — coming back years later in South America to add a couple of knockouts to his record — sees the mega event as a money grab for everyone involved, but a black eye to the sport of boxing.

"This fight is not good for boxing because this guy never fought in boxing before, not even an amateur fight,” Freitas told MMA Fighting. "This is bad for our sport. It’s good for them because if this guy lands a punch on Mayweather, he will say that a MMA fighter was able to land a punch on a 49-0 fighter, a multiple-time world champion.

"I’m sure McGregor will get beat up,” he added. "This fight is only to make money, it’s not good for boxing. It will be good for MMA, for McGregor’s manager, who will make a fortune, and for McGregor. (McGregor) will make more than $100 million, and I don’t think he has ever made $1 million in MMA. This fight means nothing for boxing. Nothing. It’s about ego and money. Mayweather likes that."

An ex-congressman in Brazil, “Popo" admits he would consider taking an offer like this — fighting a MMA athlete in the boxing ring — for money and status, but not from a competitive standpoint. Yet, he says media and fans shouldn’t treat Mayweather vs. McGregor is a real fight.

"I think you guys are taking this fight seriously, but it’s not. It’s a joke,” the retired fighter said. "It’s not a fight between fighters, it’s a fighter against a little chicken. This guy is only good in his sport. It’s the same thing of putting boxer to fight MMA. He would become a little chicken there, wouldn’t handle leg kicks or escape from armbars and leglocks or handle those takedowns. It’s pretty much it. Mayweather has the obligation to tear him into pieces."

Both athletes will meet in a 12-round boxing match at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, and the Nevada Athletic Commission has approved lighter gloves (8-ounces) after both fighters requested it.

"Mayweather is smart. This is better for Mayweather,” Freitas said of lighter gloves. "He doesn’t have heavy hands, most of his recent fights lasted 10, 12 rounds, so this is better for him. The lighter the glove is, the better for Mayweather.

"If you watch McGregor’s training footage, that’s laughable. It's a joke,” he continued. Mayweather hits more, and he’s training to hurt him bad. He’s training to hurt McGregor. And I’m sure he will. McGregor won’t land a punch. (Manny) Pacquiao is way faster and also a southpaw and couldn’t hit Mayweather. I think the worst boxer in (McGregor’s) division, Nate Diaz, destroyed McGregor, imagine in boxing.”

Freitas’ official prediction is that Mayweather “stops" McGregor before the final round on Aug. 26. In fact, “Popo" hopes the UFC lightweight champion gets embarrassed in the ring.

"I hope Mayweather won’t let (McGregor) touch him,” he said. “Beat him up. Start with a punch to the face, then go to the liver and spleen."

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