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Morning Report: Floyd Mayweather Jr. and ‘friend’ Paulie Malignaggi hint at spying on ‘sucker’ Conor McGregor

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On Saturday, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. will box Conor McGregor in a fight appropriately named The Money Fight. And on the eve of the biggest fight of the year, Mayweather is throwing some last-minute fuel on the fire.

At his final pre-fight workout, Mayweather was visited by Paulie Malignaggi, the former world champion boxer and one of the commentators covering the event. Despite being on the broadcast team for the event however, Malignaggi seems to have no concern whatsoever about retaining a semblance of objectivity and is currently embroiled in a very public feud with McGregor stemming from a dispute when Malignaggi was working as a sparring partner for the UFC lightweight champion.

Yesterday, Malignaggi and Mayweather were filmed by FightHype, calling McGregor a “sucker” and hinting that Malignaggi’s work with McGregor was all an elaborate ruse between the two of them to spy on the Irish superstar’s camp.

“My friend, it’s my friend, Paulie,” said Mayweather. “My friend Paulie has always been my friend. You know what, I even told my friend - my friend called me and said, ‘Floyd, do you want me to go to camp?’ I said, ‘Abso-f**king-lutely’.

“Suckers,” intoned Malignaggi. “Suckers.”

While the two were laughing heartily amongst Mayweather’s entourage, Mayweather signed a copy of a photo book made by Esther Lin from the MayMac World Tour, crossing out McGregor’s face and writing the number 50 on it. He then continued to mock McGregor while the two shared a conspiratorial laugh and Malignaggi continued to repeat, “suckers.”

“Paulie, you mind if I sign this?” said Mayweather.

“Go right ahead, Floyd,”Malignaggi replied. “Go right ahead, champ.”

“This right here, this is special,” Mayweather said. “It’s going to my friend. Listen, this is gonna stay in Paulie’s family forever.

“Oh don’t worry. Me and Paulie are gonna stay at the house and talk about strategy, we’re gonna talk about everything. Don’t you worry. Paulie, thank you for going over there like I asked you to do. And he made it look good when he grabbed you and threw you down. That was a good one. That was a good one.

“Good work! We got him.”

Whether there is any truth to this or not is certainly up for debate but it does raise the question of Malignaggi’s continued presence on the Showtime broadcast. Showtime Executive Stephen Espinoza previously stated that Malignaggi would remain on the broadcast but noted that Showtime would remove Malignaggi if his objectivity were in question or “even if objectivity is not in question, [his] behavior becomes an issue.”

Mayweather boxes McGregor on Saturday, Aug. 26 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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Yaya Rincon (2-1) vs. Courtney King (1-0); Invicta FC 25, Aug. 31.

Felice Herrig (13-6) vs. Courtney Casey (7-4); UFC 218, Dec. 2.


This is it folks. The big weekend is finally upon us and if Conor pulls off the upset, wooh buddy are things gonna get crazy. Keep it locked to MMAFighting this weekend as we will have all the best coverage of the fight and the aftermath.

Enjoy and see y’all Monday.

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