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A chat with Floyd Mayweather at his gentleman’s club three days before Conor McGregor fight

(Viewer warning: Some of the language and views expressed in this interview are offensive.'s long-standing policy is not to censor interviews. We, however, do not support such offensive language.)

LAS VEGAS — All week long, Floyd Mayweather has vowed that he would spend the hours leading up to his highly anticipated fight against Conor McGregor at his new gentleman’s club, Girl Collection.

We wanted to see if that was true, so we waited for Mayweather for six hours at the club. On early Thursday morning, at approximately 4 a.m. PT, Mayweather sat down with us to discuss his decision to hang out there on fight week, the McGregor fight, his legacy and much more.

(Editor’s note: UFC president Dana White denied Mayweather’s cheating allegations about McGregor in the video.)

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