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Dana White ready to hear excuses after Conor McGregor knocks out Floyd Mayweather

UFC president Dana White is so sure that Conor McGregor is going to knock Floyd Mayweather out that he’s already bracing himself for what the doubters will say next.

Speaking at a scrum on Wednesday prior to the last Mayweather vs. McGregor press conference before the Aug. 26 mega-event at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, White was confident that the UFC’s lightweight champion will defeat Mayweather and do so in such a way that it will leave no question as to who is the superior fighter.

But even then, he expects those who have criticized McGregor and the very premise of the fight all along to find new ways to sing the same tune.

“The thing about shocking the boxing world is that the boxing world is saying dumb stuff like, ‘This guy doesn’t even belong in there and he doesn’t have any chance,’” White said. “A guy who hits as hard as Conor McGregor absolutely has a chance. And when he knocks Floyd Mayweather out on Saturday, they’re all going to say, ‘Floyd was too old and this and that.’ They’ll have a whole different set of excuses.”

White comes from a boxing background himself and he’s known Mayweather for 21 years, before “Money” had even begun his professional career. He has the utmost respect for Mayweather, but he stressed that McGregor is a “unicorn” who will bring the fight to the 49-0 pugilist in a way that he’s never seen before.

“Everybody thinks that he’s going to go in there and and he’s boxing the best boxer — he’s not boxing anybody,” White said. “This is under boxing rules, but you better believe this is going to be a fight. This isn’t going to be a boxing match, this is going to be a fight. When you’re in boxing, you throw a jab, a right hand or a hook or a hook to the body comes behind it. None of that stuff is going to be coming. Floyd is the master of knowing what comes next and he’s the best defensive fighter. Those aren’t the same patterns that are going to come from Conor McGregor. It’s going to be completely different.

“Conor doesn’t just have to hit him on the chin. He’s going to hit him on the elbows, he’s going to hit him on the shoulders, he’s going to hit him all over his arms, the side of the head, the side of his gloves. He’s on 29-year-old legs. Floyd’s on almost 41-year-old legs, and anybody who’s been 41 knows what that’s like. Conor is the bigger, stronger man who will apply pressure, hit him with hard punches, he will eventually catch him and he will knock him out.”

And while he’s confident that the UFC side of the equation will rule the day, White is making sure to do his part to ensure that McGregor has a little extra luck with him come fight night.

“Just so you know, the Patriots won the Super Bowl last year,” White said. “I wore Patriots shirts every day leading up to the Super Bowl, so not that I’m superstitious or anything, but I’m wearing Conor McGregor shirts every day.”

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