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Matt Hughes back on the mats doing jiu-jitsu just two months after bad vehicle crash

A country boy can survive, indeed.

UFC legend Matt Hughes was on the mats appearing to be able to train a bit of Brazilian jiu-jitsu just two months after being seriously injured in a truck-train crash in Illinois. Hughes’ friend Tony Zucca posted the incredible video on his Instagram page Monday night.

“I leave for only five days and come back to his ass wanting (and able) to roll!” Yucca wrote. “Unbelievable!”

Hughes, 43, was driving a truck over train tracks in Raymond, Ill., on June 16, when the incoming train struck the truck on the passenger side. Hughes, the UFC Hall of Famer, was airlifted to HSHS St. John’s Hospital in Springfield, Ill., where he has been treated since.

Despite having no broken bones or internal injuries, the former UFC welterweight champion was only “minimally responsive” a few days after the collision. Hughes’ family announced it would be working with a traumatic brain injury foundation in the weeks after the crash.

It now appears that Hughes is doing much better. Zucca posted a photo of he and Hughes out to get sushi last week and it seems the longtime fighter has progressed even more since then.

“So awesome to see that smile and hear that laugh again,” Zucca said. “If I posted a video from day one and compared it to today...and you still didn't believe in miracles...well, there's nothing that's ever going to change your mind.”

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