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Polaris 5 Results: Garry Tonon mimics Conor McGregor after victory over Dillon Danis

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Garry Tonon claimed a unanimous decision victory over Dillon Danis in their rematch in the main event of Polaris 5 grappling card in London on Saturday night.

In his post-match interview, “The Lion Killer” mimicked Conor McGregor claiming that he would like to apologize to Danis about the social media back-and-forth they had in the lead-up to the fight.

“There was a lot of social media banter in the lead-up to this match, and I’d just like to say to Dillon, I apologize for absolutely f*cking nothing!” roared Tonon in an Irish accent, after the win.

The John Danaher student outworked his rival over the bout’s 15 minutes, constantly forcing the action with heel hook attacks and takedown attempts.

Danis goaded Tonon as he tried to take him down. After stuffing his advances, the former Marcelo Garcia proponent waved a finger in his adversary’s face, resulting in a big reaction from the Indigo at the 02.

Jake Shields put on a very aggressive display on route to a unanimous decision victory over UK standout Daniel Strauss.

Shields passed Strauss’s guard on numerous occasions as the larger man clearly began to tire under his pressure. Although Strauss tried to secure a guillotine choke on several occasions, he admitted that he was “shut down” by Shields in his interview after the match.

Phil Harris took a split decision win over Brad Pickett after fifteen minutes of action. Harris put Pickett in a lot more trouble during the match, which likely won him the nod on the judges’ scorecards.

‘One Punch’ showcased his wrestling skills, hitting two double leg takedowns on his countryman. Each time he finished the technique, Harris locked in an arm-in guillotine, forcing Pickett to fight to free his neck. At one stage, the judoka looked close to finishing a triangle on the recently retired UFC fighter.

Speaking after the bout, Pickett jokingly remarked, “I wanted to punch him so bad.”

Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro dominated his no-gi match against former UFC lightweight Caol Uno. Midway through the contest, Ribeiro secured the back and establishing a rear-naked choke, rendering the Japanese fighter unconscious as he fought to escape.

The Brazilian threatened early when he passed Uno’s guard after two and half minutes. A minute later, he caught a triangle. As Uno looked to escape, “Shaolin” transitioned to an armbar, but once again, Uno evaded the submission attempt.

An object was thrown at AJ Agazarm after his submission victory over Lloyd Cooper. The Gracie Barra fighter was riling up the crowd during his post-fight interview with Josh Palmer, and the pair were forced to duck as a spectator flung something in their direction.

Earlier in the day, Japanese MMA veteran Mazakazu Imanari cored a signature heelhook win over Brazilian Valmyr Neto. Speaking after the fight, Neto proposed a rematch to Imanari, which would be contested in the gi.

Full results:

Main card

  • Gary Tonon def. Dillon Danis via unanimous decision
  • Jake Shields def. Daniel Strauss via unanimous decision.
  • Phil Harris def. Brad Pickett via split decision
  • Vitor Shaolin def. Caol Uno via rear naked choke

15-minute matches

  • AJ Agazarm def. Lloyd Cooper via collar choke
  • Oliver Taza def. Ross Nicholls via unanimous Decision
  • Sam Cook def. Venessa English via unanimous decision
  • Bradley Hill def. Tommi Pulkkanen via split decision

10-minute matches

  • Masakazu Imanari def. Valmyr Neto via heelhook
  • Toumas Simola def. Jamie Scott via UD
  • Miha Perhavec def. River Dillon via heelhook
  • Ffion Davies def. Elvira Karppinen via UD

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