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Sergio Moraes signs new deal with the UFC, hopes Kamaru Usman shows up at UFC Fight Night 116

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Moraes vs Ottow Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Unbeaten in his last seven fights under the UFC banner, Sergio Moraes has signed a new deal with the promotion.

Booked to meet top 15 welterweight Kamaru Usman at UFC Fight Night 116 in Pittsburg on Sept. 16, “Serginho" told MMA Fighting that this upcoming bout will be the first of his new six-fight deal.

"I’m happy and motivated,” Moraes said. "The company accepted our demands, they understood that I always accepted every fight and never picked opponents. My opponents kept changing and I was always fighting."

One of his demands, Moraes said, was getting paid better.

There was a raise, yes,” he said. "Actually, they agreed as soon as we said it, and it was great. Amazing"

Moraes is undefeated since cutting down to 170 pounds in the UFC, but has faced adversities prior to most of his fights inside the Octagon. With opponents changed in five of his last six bouts, the jiu-jitsu specialist feels he deserved to face a top ranked opponent already.

Usman, who pulled out of a UFC 198 clash with Moraes due to an injury in May 2016, is currently ranked at No. 13 in the welterweight division, and the Brazilian hopes to finally meet him in Pittsburg.

"I hope it doesn’t happen again. I hope not. Enough of it,” Moraes said with a laugh. "But that’s it, we have to always be ready for it. I’m a jiu-jitsu fighter and used to face five opponents in one day to become champion, so I always believe that being ready and with a good mind, no one can stop me."

The pair of rising welterweights will meet 16 months after the original date, and Moraes sees himself a better fighter compared to the night he fought to a split draw with Luan Chagas, who replaced Usman on short notice in Curitiba, Brazil.

"I was a jiu-jitsu fighter fighting MMA and now I became an athlete and a MMA fighter,” Moraes said. "I realized I needed to have other weapons. It’s like a video game, you start with a knife, and you add a pistol, and then you grab a machine gun, and like that you go, adding weapons. I understand the striking area now, I’m always trying to evolve on the ground, and now I’m focusing on my wrestling. My next steps to spend some time outside of Brazil trying to evolve in the wrestling area."

"I know he’s a wrestler that likes to put some pressure and go for takedowns, and that’s a great game,” he said of Usman. "Every opponent I face does the same game, bouncing around and never engaging. That pisses me off. Let’s fight! Come for it. Let’s brawl.

"When we engage, we’re going to grapple eventually. I’ve yet to show my guard in MMA. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kamaru Usman takes me down and gets submitted. I have an offensive guard in MMA."

Moraes expects Usman to be aggressive on Sept. 16. But what if he completely changes his style knowing that he’s facing a jiu-jitsu expert?

"If he changes it, I won’t change mine,” the Brazilian said. "I’ll be pissed [laughs], but I’m going straight forward, being aggressive."

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