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Morning Report: Jeff Mayweather: Paulie Malignaggi sparring video ‘exposed’ Conor McGregor

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Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s camp is not impressed by Conor McGregor’s performance.

Last week, the big story in the buildup to Mayweather vs. McGregor was the exit of former boxing world champion Paulie Malignaggi from McGregor’s after a dispute over leaked sparring photos that appeared to show McGregor getting the better of Malignaggi. Over the weekend, UFC President Dana White added fuel to the fire by releasing video of the session.

The edited video clip then spent the weekend being broken down like the Zapruder film with parties coming to different conclusions about the legitimacy of the knockdown, seemingly mostly based on their own preferences ahead of the bout. And though many people can’t stop talking about The Knockdown, one party in particular remains unimpressed, Mayweather’s uncle and former trainer, Jeff Mayweather.

Speaking with Fight Hub TV in a pair of interviews over the weekend, Jeff Mayweather says that the video doesn’t lend credibility to McGregor as a boxer or his chances against Floyd, regardless of whether the knockdown was legitimate or not.

“Do you see that? You see him land one punch but do you see all the other bulls**t that goes with it? Don’t get me wrong, that much is true, but you’ve got to realize, Paulie didn’t come back to boxing to box again. He didn’t do what Floyd did. Plus, he’s not Floyd, so watching that means nothing because no matter what he did to Paulie, he’s not gonna do to Floyd.

“It looks like it was a knockdown and it was a push. It was the punch and then a little push at the end. It was a little push at the end but still, even if it wasn’t a push, still, this guy right here, he’s not Floyd Mayweather so it doesn’t matter.”

Malignaggi is in fact, not Mayweather Jr. Malignaggi is a former welterweight and junior welterweight champion holding a 36-8 win with five of his losses by KO or TKO. Conversely, Mayweather, Jr. sports a pristine 49-0 professional boxing record and has only ever been knocked down once, when he injured his hand punching the top of Carlos Hernandez’s head and took a knee.

Jeff Mayweather says that videos like the one White released are the other part of the fight game and important to build the upcoming bout but it was also a mistake by McGregor. The element of surprise, one advantage McGregor might possibly have on paper ahead of this bout, is now somewhat lessened because the video showed what McGregor brings to the table.

“That’s part of the politics of boxing and it’s also part of the salesman, it’s part of the build up. Realistically, by showing that much of what Conor’s doing, they actually expose what he’s really capable of. It’s worse because he’s fighting a Paulie that’s out of shape.

“I’m not impressed. He was in there with a guy that’s been retired. Paulie’s not getting in shape for him. You could look and see that Paulie was still fat. He just went in there with a guy that, don’t get me wrong, he’s much younger than Paulie and he’s in shape. He should out-work Paulie. . . Ain’t nobody ever seen Floyd fatigued.”

McGregor fights Mayweather, Jr. on Aug. 26 in Las Vegas, Nev.


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12 days.

Take it easy and see y’all Tuesday.

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