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Paul Felder sympathizes with Daniel Cormier: ‘I’ve cried after fights’

Paul Felder has become the latest fighter to criticize Snoop Dogg’s dressing down of Daniel Cormier following his third round loss to Jon Jones at UFC 214.

On Saturday, published an interview with the rap legend where he labeled Cormier “a crying bitch”, due to his emotional reaction to his second loss to the controversial light heavyweight.

Since the interview emerged, fighters like Al Iaquinta and Matt Brown have publicly slated Snoop, suggesting that the rapper should lose his commentary role on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series due to his lack of respect for fighters.

Initially, Felder, who features as a color commentator on the show, praised the addition of the ‘Snoop Cast’, due to the casual selling point it gives to the show.

“I think it’s fun,” Felder told Ariel Helwani on the latest episode of The MMA Hour.

“We chime in with them every now and again and have a bit of banter. It’s just to keep anybody interested.

“When you have Urijah (Faber) and Snoop who are having more fun, you might get people who usually don’t even tune into the UFC thinking, ‘I want to hear Snoop call these fights and be hilarious and ridiculous’, and after that they might want to switch over but either way they want to watch these guys.”

After the backlash that Snoop received for his comments, Felder believes he will soon realize that he cannot make statements like that about fighters.

“I think he’ll realize (that he can’t say those things when he works for the UFC),” he said.

“It would get me in a lot of trouble, man. I know what a guy like DC is going through. I don’t know what he’s going through on that kind of level, but I know as a fighter what it’s like to train your butt off and meet that guy that you can’t get passed.

“I’ve cried after fights. I’ve been there. Anybody that’s been through a fist fight in front of thousands or millions of people understand it. Anybody who has ever had a street fight understands it. Half the time kids are fighting each other with tears in their eyes.

“It’s an emotional experience.”

Felder also gave insight on how difficult it is to deal with harsh criticism after a loss.

“It’s hard because you want to write back to every one of these idiots. You want to, but that’s all they want. It’s like ‘So and so replied to me’ — if it was Cormier, ‘DC responded to me and called me an a**hole’ — it doesn’t help the situation.

“Man, you just want to jump through the computer and reply to these guys. They’re in their Mom’s basements, they don’t have lives and if they do they’re even sadder. If you don’t have a life and you’re sitting in your basement doing nothing, okay… you have nothing better to do.

“If you have a real job and you’re not a real fighter and you go on and call someone a cry baby or whatever… it’s like… what?

“I know Garbrandt and Castillo were calling out one dude to come to the gym. You kind of can’t blame them at a certain point. It’s like, just show up then.”

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