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Felice Herrig explains why foe Justine Kish’s embarrassing in-cage accident didn’t faze her

Felice Herrig had a solid night two weeks ago in Oklahoma City.

The strawweight fighter had a dominant performance in her UFC Fight Night 112 main card bout against then-undefeated fighter Justine Kish. That night, Herrig improved her professional MMA record to 13-6 and extended her win streak to three in a row while breaking into the top 10 of the UFC strawweight rankings. Yet, despite the impressive performance, much of the talk leaving the fight was centered toward her opponent, who had a bowel movement during the fight.

Herrig recalls the moment during the fight she realized something was a little different.

“It was more towards the end when I had her back,” Herrig explained to Ariel Helwani on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour. “I mean, I didn’t really know exactly, but I smelled something.”

One would imagine that a strange event like this could only throw off Herrig, as she still had to engage and continue fighting her opponent Kish. Yet, the 32-year-old veteran kept her cool during the fight, as she treated the accident like the many other wild things that can happen inside the Octagon.

“No [it didn’t throw me off],” Herrig said. “You know, the adrenaline, like people can break their hands during a fight or get hit so hard, but you have that adrenaline. ... I’ve found a way to be calm under pressure.

“I feel bad for Justine, I really do. It’s hard to even talk about it because I don't want her to keep re-living it, like, ‘over time Felice does an interview they’re going to keep bringing it up.’ But it didn't faze me, I think when you’re a fighter, you just have tunnel vision because you have a job to do.”

Following the bout with Kish, Herrig didn’t jump in the showers as many would expect. The strawweight fighter was far more excited with the pivotal win than she was concerned with Kish’s accident.

“I'm like gross; gross stuff doesn't really bother me,” Herrig laughed. “Like, I was eager to take a shower, but I had to go back and do my interviews. I think it’d be different if I lost, but I was so excited that I had won that almost nothing could really faze me. I was just happy, I was just happy-go-lucky.”

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