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Morning Report: Michael Bisping, Chris Weidman trade shots over Twitter

Michael Bisping
Michael Bisping riles up the crowd
Esther Lin

If you’re a contender in the UFC middleweight division, odds are, you probably have beef with the champion Michael Bisping.

Well, after having inserted himself back in the winning column and likely back in the title contention mix, former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman is already battling Bisping on social media. Last Saturday at UFC on FOX 25 in Long Island, N.Y.,

Weidman snapped a three-fight skid, submitting 25-year-old prospect Kelvin Gastelum in the main event of the card.

The Long Island native wasted no time in his post-fight interview with Brian Stann to tell the “British bum” to stop hiding from the title contenders and to let him know that he’s not the real champ of the division. It took only minutes for Bisping to get on Twitter and respond to Weidman’s message.

It appeared, at least for a few hours, that the verbal warfare between the two veterans wasn’t going to escalate. But the American came back Sunday morning with a simple, yet clever comeback.

Weidman was perhaps a bit tired – having been in a fist fight the night before – so he came back eight hours later to correct his previous tweet by adding “crossed eyed” to it. This, of course, was a shot at Bisping’s eye injury sustained in training back in 2013 that left his eye esthetically different than the other.

Well, Weidman’s tweet didn’t sit well with the champ.

Weidman fired back questioning who was the asshole here, sending Bisping the controversial GIF where he’s ripping the Cuban flag and throwing at Yoel Romero’s corner earlier this month.

Despite the powerful GIF, Bisping was still convinced Weidman was the asshole in the situation, and also took a shot at Weidman’s father, who was very happy and vocal about his son’s pivotal victory, while he was at it.

Even though there were different topics touched in this twitter war, which was a bit instigated by heavyweight Chase Sherman, Weidman kept theme going and came back to mock Bisping’s eye.

It’s certain both middleweights won’t clash in the near future, but it’s possible they could meet down the road. Having just fought, Weidman has no fight booked for the moment, but he’s back in the winning column and back in the top five of the rankings. Meanwhile, Bisping recently recovered from a knee surgery, and was supposed to face interim champ Robert Whittaker next, but Whittaker might be out until 2018 due to a ligament injury sustained in his title fight bout with Romero at UFC 213.


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Ariel and I recap Saturday’s UFC on FOX 25 in Long Island.

Fascinating interview with Matt Serra and Ray Longo.

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We rocking with Floyd bro not you... take that off bruh @thenotoriousmma

A post shared by Draymond Green (@money23green) on

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