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Stipe Miocic standing by until contract issues are finally sorted

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Contrary to reports, Stipe Miocic has no plans of returning to action any time soon.

That’s according to his management, who told on Wednesday that there has not been serious talk of his next fight or challenger since his first-round knockout of Junior dos Santos in May.

According to his team, the main issue is Miocic, who is on the verge of beating the heavyweight record for most title defenses (2), has earned less than his challenger in his last two title defenses against JDS and Alistair Overeem.

And so his team says Miocic isn't willing to discuss his next fight until issues with his contract are properly addressed.

On Wednesday, reported that Miocic was set to fight Cain Velasquez in October, however, in addition to Miocic’s contract issues, sources say, Velasquez’s surgically-repaired back has yet to fully heal.

Miocic, who is typically a man of few words, has dropped hints over the past year regarding his unhappiness with his current contract.

“It definitely should change,” Miocic said about his contract on “The MMA Hour” in January. “But the fact that (Overeem) made more money than me in my last fight was just kind of a slap in the face.

“[It’s] terrible,” he added. “Things definitely need to be changed. Something’s gotta change. It’s not really fair.”

Nothing changed before the JDS fight in May, according to sources, but it now appears as though Miocic isn’t willing to fight again until his contract issues are addressed.

The Miocic-Velasquez fight could happen at some point later this year — after all, it would make sense from a booking standpoint to pit Miocic versus the former champion Velasquez — but according to sources, talk of it being set for October — or at all, for that matter -- is premature.

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