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Morning Report: Daniel Cormier, Jon Jones blast each other with insults over social media

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Unstoppable Press Conference

It’s no surprise that Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones don’t like each other. For the better part of the last three years, Cormier and Jones have been at each other’s throats, issuing death threats on hot mics, throwing shoes, and just generally mocking the other’s very existence. So it shouldn’t shock anyone to learn that two weeks out from their hotly anticipated rematch at UFC 214, Cormier and Jones are back to trashing each other over social media.

This particular verbal skirmish started when Cormier posted a picture training wrestling with All-American Jacob Kasper to his Instagram, talking about how good his wrestling feels and saying he will “dump him on his doped up head” with regards to Jones.

Jones responded with a litany of comments on Cormier’s Instagram, mocking Cormier for his wrestling, saying he’s not the wrestler he used to be anymore if Alexander Gustafsson could take him down, talking about Cormier’s “belly”, and claiming Cormier “#AndNeverWere” the champion.

Afterwards, Jones even took to Twitter to point out his comments to Cormier and encourage him to “hollaback.”

So Cormier did, cataloging most of Jones’ comments and noting that though fans often say Cormier is obsessed with Jones, Jones’ Instagram tirade would suggest the opposite is true. He then concluded with a postscript going after Jones for his use of “dick pills”.

He also chirped Jones a few times on Twitter for good measure.

It appears Jones was none-too-impressed with Cormier’s response.

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones rematch in the main event of UFC 214 on July 29, in Anaheim, California.


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A post shared by UFC Europe (@ufceurope) on

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Bruna Ellen (3-1) vs. Veta Artega (3-1); Bellator 182, Aug. 25.


2015: Michael Bisping won a split decision over Thales Leites in the main event of UFC Fight Night 72.


Cormier and Jones is the best MMA feud, and I’m gonna miss the crap out of it when it’s gone. All MMA fans should be hoping for a DC win so we can get the greatest trilogy in the history of this sport. Stuff like that elevates MMA as a whole and reinforces why we all love this sport.

Take it easy and see y’all tomorrow.

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