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Demetrious Johnson: Spat with Dana White ‘a big misunderstanding’

If you were expecting more drama between UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson and company president Dana White, guess again.

Johnson and White had a public spat several weeks ago when Johnson complained about his working conditions, to which White rather vigorously disagreed.

But in his first interview since winning the ESPY award for Best Fighter, Johnson says that he and White will soon hash out their differences, and it won’t be done over the Internet.

Johnson and White will meet in Anaheim during UFC 214 fight week to hash out their differences and move forward.

“I don’t think it’s fair when you have two grown men bicker on the f*cking Internet,” Johnson said on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour. “You know what I mean? We’ll end up like Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian. Grown men, they sit down and talk about it, and that’s what we’re going to do in two weeks.”

While things got heated there for awhile after Johnson, who has been flyweight champion since 2012, balked at the notion of defending his title against former bantamweight champion T.J. Dillashaw, the champ now believes it was all a matter of miscommunication.

“It was just a big misunderstanding and we’re going to meet with Dana White,” Johnson said. “Dana White’s a grown-ass man, I am too, he’s got kids, I got kids, we’re going to sit down and get on the same level and go from there and see what options we have.”

Johnson, who for the bulk of his career went without a full-time manager, preferring to take advice from trainer Matt Hume, has decided the time’s right to hand off managerial duties. As such, he recently signed with Malki Kawa of First Round Management, which represents fighters such as Jon Jones and Yoel Romero.

“Me and Matt both felt it was time to be managed by, to get a manager, tou know what I mean?” Johnson said. “It’s time in my career to bring in somebody who’s going to focus on that part of business, so me and Matt can focus on what we do best, which is get ready for the fight. Matt’s always been a great manager and helped me get ready for my fight and is one of my main training partners, now it’s time to put that responsibility on somebody else.”

One bit of advice Johnson took straightaway was to stop rushing into things. His next title defense will mark his 11th, and if he wins, he’ll surpass Anderson Silva for the all-time UFC title-defense record. Johnson recently had stem-cell treatment done on a hand and wants to fully recover before moving forward.

“They’re ‘you’re always in a rush to fight,” Johnson said. “You’re always fighting, fighting, fighting. you fight three times in 2013, you fought three times in 2014 you just f*cking fought in April. So relax, let your hand heal, and that way when you’ll have your best performance when you’re going up against the record, this record will probably never be broken again. So let’s relax, let’s get through this, let your body heal, let your hand heal, and we’ll go from there.”

But Johnson, who expects to fight Ray Borg next, doesn’t plan on sitting around for too long.

“I’m fighting this year,” Johnson said. “There’s money to be made, and I want mine.”

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