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Paul Felder stops Stevie Ray with brutal first-round knockout at UFC Fight Night 113

Paul Felder proved he’s not going to be a stepping stone for any UFC prospect.

The veteran lightweight fighter picked up a violent TKO victory over Scottish prospect Stevie Ray at Sunday’s UFC Fight Night 113 in Glasgow, Scotland.

For the majority of the fight, both Felder and Ray engaged in clinch fighting against the cage. Then, a little over halfway through the first round, Felder found an opening and delivered a nasty knee that dropped Ray. Felder then followed up with some vicious elbows from the top, putting an end to the fight at the 3:57 mark of the opening round.

The 32-year-old Felder is now 14-3 in his MMA career, including his 6-3 UFC run. Below is a video of Felder’s finish at UFC Fight Night 113:

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