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Morning Report: Floyd Mayweather not upset with Conor McGregor after heated press conference

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather YouTube

While the Tuesday press conference for the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor media world tour in Los Angeles was relatively demur considering expectations, things certainly kicked up a notch yesterday in Toronto.

After having an unusually tame performance in the first press conference where he seemed to be finding his footing and adjusting to the difference between a boxing conference and a UFC one, McGregor came out of the gates on Wednesday like a man on fire. First referencing the mic situation from the day before, McGregor almost immediately implored the crowd to start chanting “F**k the Mayweathers.” He then followed up by taking aim at Showtime and Stephen Espinoza, calling him a “f**king weasel.” From there he just kept going, calling Mayweather “boxing’s biggest b**ch,” lambasting him for his finances, mocking his alleged illiteracy, and even stealing Mayweather’s backpack at one point. Afterwards the media and fans seemed to almost universally declare McGregor “the winner” of this round of verbal warfare.

But one man who doesn’t seem to mind at all is Mayweather himself.

Speaking in a post-conference media scrum, Mayweather said he isn’t upset with McGregor for his various comments or attacks on stage.

“I’ve been doing press conferences now, what, 21 years? Nothing new.

“He’s entitled to feel what he wants to feel. It’s about giving the people entertainment. The people want to be entertained and I think both press conferences that we’ve done were unbelievable.

“I’m not upset with him. It’s not like the guy did something harsh to me. He feels like he’s the best warrior in the world. I feel like I was one of the best warriors when I was competing. But I came back, I’m competing for one more.”

Mayweather is no neophyte to the mental aspect of fight promotion and in truth, the experience and talent of both men at “playing the dozens” is one of the major draws to this bout in the first place. Having a worthy promotional adversary is a boon to Mayweather as it will drive up interest in the bout, that is, so long as he doesn’t let McGregor get in his head like the UFC lightweight champion has to so many other opponents, something Mayweather understands.

“It’s all about keeping my composure. Every time I went out there and I competed against the best guys in boxing, I kept my composure and I went out there and I executed the game plan.”

But there’s another reason Mayweather isn’t too emotionally invested in McGregor’s trash talk: it doesn’t actually affect him. For as much as McGregor may have “won the round,” Mayweather is still winning the most important battle of “The Money Fight,” the money itself.

“Oh no [he didn’t cross the line]. I’m not upset at all. Why would I be upset? I live a comfortable life, made smart investments, and I’m A-OK. The thing is this, after this fight, he’s set for life now. Before this fight, he wasn’t set. In his last fight, he made $3M. In my last fight, I made $50M. So there’s a difference between a seven-figure fighter and a nine-figure fighter. I’ve made nine figures on more than just one occasion.”


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Another day in the books with raucous trash talk coming from both sides. Let’s go to the scoreboard to see who is currently winning this vigorous competition.

Mayweather: 2 McGregor: 2.

Yep. Still tied up with both men winning handily and laughing their asses off all the way to the bank. To be fair to them though, it was an exceptional show. Both men are playing their roles to absolute perfection, hitting all the right notes, and proving themselves masters of their craft. This is the spectacle everyone wanted and today they delivered. Two more to go.

Take it easy y’all and Conor bless.

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