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Cris Cyborg loses sponsorship over Angela Magana incident, says company still owes her money

UFC 198 Open Workout Photos
Cris Cybog was cited for misdemeanor battery after an incident at the UFC Athlete Retreat.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Cris Cyborg is down a sponsor after a messy incident with a fellow UFC fighter last month, one she says has yet to pay her for an appearance.

GRRRL, a women’s athletic clothing brand, has cancelled its sponsorship with Cyborg after Cyborg punched Angela Magana during the UFC Athlete Retreat, the company announced on its website.

“Unfortunately, within a matter of hours of appearing and speaking at our event, Cris was involved in “battery” of another fighter on the street outside a UFC retreat,” the statement read. “Cris’s conduct in this regard has broadly been condemned by the fight industry and the organization by whom she is contracted as a fighter.

“As a company with representation and brand ambassadors amongst girls as young as 6, we cannot publically [sic] condone this behaviour especially as the behaviour is directly in conflict with the messages Cris shared at the event, one of our speakers on cyber bullying and our company message to promote female harmony and unity.”

The GRRRL statement read that it had signed up Cyborg for a 12-month deal, but could not continue on with it after the physical altercation.

“This conduct has the potential to diminish the tireless work by our amazing network of women throughout the world to support female harmony and unity,” the statement read. “As a consequence of these matters, it is with regret that our sponsorship of Cris has come to an end.”

Cyborg was cited for misdemeanor battery by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. She has said that she confronted Magana after Magana bullied her down multiple times on social media, including making fun of her looks in a picture taken while she was visiting kids at a cancer hospital. Video of the incident emerged and it did appear Cyborg hit the strawweight fighter.

The Las Vegas city attorney is still determining whether or not to pursue charges in the case.

Cyborg wrote Thursday on social media that she did an appearance for GRRRL that weekend and has yet to be paid. She insinuated that the company is using the punching incident as an excuse not to pay her. Cyborg said she was supposed to receive $7,500 and GRRRL sold tickets to her speaking engagement.

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